16 July 2012

ELF Studio Glossy Gloss

Good evening all.

Last week I took full advantage of the ELF 50% off and purchased myself some goodies.
I want to show you all these wonderful lip glosses. Now as you know I love a lipstick however never actually pull off wearing them. Second best option is a colour gloss.

If i'm honest I really thought these glosses would be an utter waste of money as normally 'coloured' lip glosses normally come out clear with a 'hint' of colour. I was SOOOO WRONG!! 

Just check out how much the colours come through these glosses!!!

Wild Watermelon

Pink candy

Funky Fuchsia 

Wild Cherry

I managed to pick up these bargains at £1.88 each however normal price is £3.75 each.
I am over the moon with these glosses. They can be found in the Studio range and I will definitely be using these on up and coming shoots.


  1. I love the colours! They look so nice and its so cheap! I might try and get some :) thanks for the review x


  2. WOW these i really pigmented for such a low price! love the red one!
    Just followed! <3 xx

  3. These are so pigmented! Love em. xx

  4. Jesus they are sooo pigmented. I need to pick some of these up next time I make an ELF order, some of there products are seriously phenomenal for the price! One question though - did you find them sticky ? xx

  5. These are amazing! I think I might have a couple in my collection, time to dig them out :)


  6. I am so glad that you shared these! I'm a lip gloss addict and the pigmentation in these ones is just awesome! I love e.l.f. products as well so I'm looking forward to buying a few of these next time I shop the website.


  7. wow , so beautiful colors. love all of them .
    Parfum pas cher

  8. stunning colours, can't go wrong with the price either!
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