29 May 2012

HUGE Makeup Haul | MAC, Illamasqua, Charles Fox

Hello beauties!

So my absences has pretty much been down to me being super busy with attending Muse and going on holiday etc however I am back and need to get back into the blogging spirit! I have just posted up some lovely cosmetics from Paul & Joe for people to have a read about so i'm getting there =)

Anywhooo so when I attended London Muse we had a shopping day which was basically a day of filling up our kits. I managed to take full advantage of this day and grab all the discounts that I could get my hands on. We visited MAC and then onto Illamasqua and finally onto Charles Fox.

I did do some cheeky instagram pictures of my purchases...

However if you want to see an in-depth video... you're in luck. I posted one last night. It is a bit lengthy so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!

Lots of love to you all,

Natalie xxx

Paul & Joe | Shakespear's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection

Hello everyone.
I'm backkkkk.. sorry for disappearing! 

Last week I was invited to the Paul &  Joe event to showcase their new collection Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream and boy.... is it pretty.

I love the way the cosmetics are designed. So much thought has gone into every little detail and it really makes it stand out from other brands.

They have released a number of new products such as:

Shimmering Pressed Powders £22
Shimmering Body Lotion £24 
Face Colour £15
Lip Gloss £15
Nail Enamels £10.50
Limited Edition Self Eye Colout £12.50 each
Blotting Paper Refill £3.50

All of which can be found on their website here

They have also launched some BEAUTIFUL skin care products. They are formulated to protect treat and soothe the skin.
They have the following on sale now:

Light Cleansing Milk £16.50
Treatment Serum £28.00
Moisture Lotion £22.00

Below are some images of a few products I was lucky enough to receive to review:

First up is the green, yep you heard me, green lip gloss! This gloss is called Fairie Kisses (002) it appears translucent on the lips with a light green apple and vanilla scent to refresh your lips. It works with the natural tones of your lips to create your own little gloss!!

This little beauty is one of their Face Colours. The lighter shade can be used as a highlight and the pink as a lovely shade of blusher on the apples of the cheeks. A very light coverage when applied right to give a lovely 'english rose' flush to the face. It comes in 10 different shades. 

Here we have a gorgeously designed Moisture Lotion has the most amazing fresh scent of oranges to it. good enough to eat. It leaves the skin feeling very fresh and firm. It leaves your skin with a lovely glow, whilst it works its magic to hydrate , firm and brighten up the skin.

Lastly, a really cutely designed nail file and some blotting paper. I have personally never bothered with blotting paper but after seeing how fresh it can make your face look after a few little dabs... I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED!! No more sweaty face on the train for moi.

The full range of Paul & Joe | Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection will be available from 1st june from beautybay,com and also in stores such as Harrods and Fenwick.

They also showed us some amazing nail polishes which Charli was luckily enough to get her hands on so keep and eye out for a post from here!!

Mwah much love

Natalie xxx

02 May 2012

SORRY..... I'm Rubbish

How rubbish am I?
My last post was forever ago and there hasn't really been much of an excuse to give.... so i'll start this post by saying I'm Sorry.

I guess I had a busy April but fear not.... I'm going to fill this post full of everything you have missed and what is coming up in the world of Blushblendbeauty.

On the 19th April I went away on holiday to Turkey and stayed in an apartment in Side,  and it was just an awesome break away. I went with my sister Nicola, her husband Josh and bump.... (baby on the way!!) 

Was so relaxing.... Minus the nightmare journey we had going out there...

After take off (which im not a fan of anyway) there was an almighty crash sounds and a very bright flash of light through the cabin.... I kid you not.... I shat my pants! (not literally) The plane had just been struck by lightning. The pilot confirmed this like 30 MINUTES AFTER IT HAPPENED... cheers. Reassured us everything was ok and that this does sometimes happen. After about another hour of flying the pilot tells us that we are turning around and heading back to Gatwick as it is standard procedure to get the plane checked over. 

Of course this was a huge kick in the crutch but hey... better to be safe than sorry. So off we trot to Gatwick... only to sit on the tarmac for 5 hours!! They changed crew, refuelled, changed pilots the whole lot.... it actually gets worse that they run out of food once back up in the the air and being that my sister and the lady in front were pregnant I was fuming!!!


Any who here are some snaps for you all to take a gander at =)

 Nesquick Cereal before we fly - Excited car journey to gatwick - pasty legs desperate for a tan - holiday gel nails 
Nicola and Bump tanning nicely - Tortoise having dinner with us - Josh posing... =/ - Nicola and Me 
Sun in the face - Me and Nicola Sunset - Sisters <3 - Beautiful dinner scenes.
On Friday 4th May I am actually off to Athens with JPs entire family ( all 8 of us!!) for a long weekend which came as such a nice surprise really. Never been to Greece and i'm looking forward to hoovering up some more sunshine in my life.

On Monday 7th May - Sunday 20th I am attending the London Muse Foundation to Advanced Make-up Course which I am SUPER excited about. Nothing better than furthering your knowledge in a subject you truly enjoy doing. I have asked to take photos and vlog the days so hopefully this is ok to do so keep your eyes pealed for footage/blogs from the classes.

Because of the busy times ahead Blogging and Videos on youtube will be minimal. I am going to try my very best to record in the evenings and blog my days at London Muse so any support will be greatly appericated during these up and coming weeks.

I do have 2 newish videos up for you already also explaining what i'm up to:

Update about my course, Turkey holiday and Race for Life

April Favourites and a little update at the end.

WOAH this post is huge. Must be making up for my neglect.

I do have some products that have been sent to me to review whilst I was away so hope to get these up asap too!

SOOOOOO..... (fingers hurt now) until my next post I shall speak to you all very soon.
Thank you so very much for your continued support with  my blog and YouTube even though there hasn't been much material recently.


Natalie xxxx