15 December 2010

Do it like a dude - Jessie J Inspired makeup

I am totally obsessed with this make up that the very talented Jessie J has in her song ' Do it like a dude'

amazing lips.. using black and white with little gems and spikes! Amazing!!
Heavy bottom lashes and thick eye limer
I had to try my hand at it and to be honest.... it was hard! lol I didn't have any black gems so decided to use some clear crystal ones and some blue for the top lip just to add my own twist on it!!

I just used normal eyelash glue to hold the gems in place and it works quite well.... WINNER!!

I used some Eyelur lashes and turned them upside down to do my long bottom lashes and then used spikey ones from ebay for the top :)

Check out my version of the look here....

Hope you enjoy it everyone

Love Natalie xXx

07 December 2010

Smokey Eye Colour Series: PINK!

Latest one for my.... dum dum dum... smokey eye series!!

its pink

like barbie pink.... i think it's lush :) really happy witht the way it come out... I never plan a look I just go with it.. hehe

hopefully the freeze frame pic will change from my wall to an actual picture of my eyes... DAMN YOU YOUTUBE AND YOUR 6 HOUR WAIT! PAAAHAHAHAHA

Well anywhos my lushious followers....
lemme know what you think??
request a colour?
or just show me some love <3

Love Natalie xXx

06 December 2010

Aussie Hair Care Bloggers Christmas Market

On Saturday 4th December my sister and I went to the Aussie Bloggers Xmas Market in Holloway, London.

Nicola and Me <3
Mt first ever event and it was so lovely!
Honestly, like a girls sleep over. There was hair, makeup, cakes, photobooths, food, mulled wine, music.. everything was just so lovely!

One of the girls, Rachel from Pretty Cherished advertised a few spaces on her FB page and I had to bag a place and im really glad that I did.
Lovely Rachel
Lovely Nicola

Their amazing jewellery Pretty Cherished

I got my hair done by one of the Aussie Angels - mine was for people who dye their hair ( seeing as mine is red!) And she done this amazing look of 3 small fishtail plaits on one side of my head, back combed the top and then swept it all round to this gorgeous look on one side!

me and two of the aussie angels!
Would love it recreate it again!
Had such a lovely day and really want to go to another one.

We left with little goodie bags with Aussie Hair Care Shampoo

The Green and Orange one
And some vouchers for jewellery, some chocolates and a chocolate for your Christmas tree!!

Met some lovely people too...... I wanna do it again!!

Love Natalie xXx

03 December 2010

Christmas..... Little bit of wee

Soo my gorgeous people.... we have hit DECEMBER ALREADY!
It's totally crazy and I can't believe how quickly the year has passed

So much has happened this year.... never going to look behind though.... I have a great future ahead of me!!
My most proudest moment of this year:

Starting my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/BlushBlendBeauty

I was TERRIFIED but then I thought

Know one knows me..... I don't allow people to judge me.... they don't know me!!
So if anything... its given me a load of confidence!

What one thing that you have done this year that your proud of?

Lemme know...

Love Natalie xXx 

01 December 2010

Smokey Eye Colour Series - GREEN!

Back again gorgeous people!!

Sorry for the banging on with new blogs... really left my blog all alone so time to update it all!!

3rd video for my series.... now this one is very tinkerbell! or so I've been told any.... using a gorgeous green from barry m dazzle dust collection and the greens from my elf palette I created this christmasy look for you guys!!

Next one will be a really vibrant pink smokey eye.. using my new sleek good girl palette from superdrug!!

EXCITED..... Keep any eye out

Love Natalie xXx

Smokey Eye Colour Series - GOLDEN

Hello my fellow bloggers.... another video from me :)

Here is my 2nd video for my smokey eye colour series.. a lush golden colour

Now this is really for the christmas parties as its all glittery and shiney! Looks really festive! I love this look its one of my personal fav's now.... might pull this one on NYE!

Hope you guys like

Love Natalie xXx

19 November 2010

Smokey Eye Colour Series - BLUE!

Hello Gorgeous!

So, I got myself the new elf pallete... the 100 colour one and it got me thinking.....

I should sooo do a colour smokey eye's collection

I have started off my series with a BLUE! I have uploaded it onto youtube so here is the video for you guys to check it out!!

Any colours you wanna see please leave a comment below or on the video... next up will be a golden/bronze colour :)


Love Natalie xXx

12 November 2010

Nail Varnish and Lippy

So these are a few new bits that I have and here is a little review on them :)
Little collection of nail varnish and lipsticks xXx

I actually got this free with a magazine but I am loving the colour!! Very christmasy!!!

60 seconds..... MY A*SE!! sorry..... no nails dry that quickly, however... colour is lush and this varnish is sooo thick! Once coat is needed 

A summer colour I KNOW... however I needed a base to show off the Barry M Nail Effect below ; )

Just one coat of this over any colour on your nail and....

This is within the first 2-3 seconds?

Finished Result!! Not allot of people I know actually like this product..... I  DO :) I think its different... makes a wicked design!!!

MUA £1.00 Each Shade Numbers from L-R 3, 13, 9 and 4 

Pretty disappointed with Shade 4! Colour is a Barbie pink.... but goes on like a lipgloss not a lipstick!

Love Natalie xXx

11 November 2010

Just a daily dilemma!

So.... I have a slight addiction to shopping and I've been doing really well.... except that it went from being clothes to being make-up *OHHHH DEAR*

As its been SOOOOOOOOOO long.... my fingers have found their way onto my haven.... ASOS.

I am in LOVE with these clothes... I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.... However...... can only pick a few items but how is this possible..... ERGHHH..... FML 
Image 1 of Rare Bandeau Dress With Retro Winter Floral Print

Rare Bandeau Dress With Retro Winter Floral  £55.00

Image 4 of ASOS Jewel Encrusted Chiffon Dress

ASOS Jewel Encrusted Chiffon Dress £65.00

Image 2 of ASOS Jewel Encrusted Chiffon Dress
Back View 
Image 1 of ASOS Beaded Loop Tab Shoulder Top

ASOS Beaded Loop Tab Shoulder Top £30.00

Image 1 of KG by Kurt Geiger Electric Studded Shoe Boots

KG by Kurt Geiger Electric Studded Shoe Boots £180.00

Image 4 of ASOS Peter Pan Collar Lace Waisted Dress

ASOS Peter Pan Collar Lace Waisted Dress £40.00

Image 1 of ASOS PERFECTION Lace Up Sling Back Shoe

ASOS PERFECTION Lace Up Sling Back Shoe £42.00

If only I could get my mits on all of it!! ERGHH.... ROLL ON THE 29TH PLEASEEEE!!!
Love Natalie xXx

10 November 2010

Sharing The Love ♥

Hey Gorgeous People!

So I decided that I would do a quick video just to show my love any support to some lovely ladies that I love to watch :)

Each of these girls are just soo different and unique! They all have different styles and looks and thats what I LOVE watching!

Defo check out the girls I mentioned.... links below to each lady!!

Love Natalie xXx

Pretty Cherished Jewellery

So, these two lovely ladies Nicola and Rachel are making their own jewellery and its called Pretty Cherished and I have to be honest....
I placed my order via their Blog site and received it within 2-3 days and was very excited when I got my parcel at work =)

Loved the girly touch of the pink 'Handle with Love'

They come wrapped in these cute little pink bags and wrapped in pink tissue paper sealed with these little butterflies!

Love the little tags on each piece! Was a nice touch

White Bow Bracelet

Pink Bow Bracelet

Gold heart and pink flower necklace

Long anchor charm with a rose necklace

Both the necklaces together
I adore these pieces!! They look gorgeous on and the prices are soo reasonable! I really want to buy some more when I get a chance!!

Please check out there blog as they have just released a new line...


I will be doing a video review just so you can see what they look like on!

Love Natalie xXx