31 October 2011

My Halloween Costume

First of all.... IM SOO SORRY!!!

I really wanted to get another tutorial up on my YouTube channel but just never had the time to do it =(
soo please forgive me!! =)

So like I said in my previous post we tend to do this half pint challenge along Islington high road which is very such a laugh!

We had many different costumes between us all so I thought that I would share them with you now!!

Happy Halloween everyone! =)

Mrs Dracula and Zombie Prom Queen

Mr Dracula

Scary Jester and our army boys
Zombie Prom Queen

Zombie School Girl 

Devil, Lady Dracula and Witch Dr

26 October 2011

Halloween Tutorial - Dead Alice in Horrorland

Hey guys!

Some of us last year 

I only recently got into Halloween in the past 2 years to be honest! I used to hate it, all these idiots running around chucking eggs at buses and people -__- used to get on my nerves... but then one day me and my friends decided that we should do a pub crawl all dress up guts and all and have some fun instead of moaning! haha..

So now we have made it a pact every year that we all dress up and do the Islington 'HALF PINT CHALLENGE' This involves us starting right at the 'The Famous Cock' in Highbury and trying to complete half a pint in the 20 odd pubs/bars leading up Islington high street! 

Last year I went as a Dead Alice in Horrorland and decided to recreate this look again for YouTube so you guys can see how easy it was to do!!

Check out my video below and let me know what you think.... =)

I'm hoping my next video will be up on Thursday... another scary intro for you all MUUHAHAHA!! This will be this years costume.... very excited! xxx

18 October 2011

Teeth Whitening - HELP NEEDED

Hey everyone.

So I really need some help. I am terrified of the dentist but have decided that I HAVE to get my teeth done whitened.

They are not disgustingly yellow or anything like that it's just I really notice in pictures especially when wearing ANY coloured lippy. I want to be able to wear red lip stick and just have a beaming smile.... know what I mean?

So here is my plea for help from anyone who has used home kits, to buying off ebay to actually going somewhere to get it done. Please can you link me blog posts, pictures or information I would really appreciate it =) 

This is me now.... just so you guys can see =)

11 October 2011

MAC Vs Collection 2000 - THE RESULTS

So in my last post I showed you a high end brand and a high street brand battling it out to sell a very similar product.

Well after a few days of trialing them both out for you all here are my results!!


MAC Matchmaster Shade 0.4 £24.50
In my opinion I found it
  • very light weight on the skin,
  • glides on easily
  • rubs in nicely 
  • no streaks at all
  • perfume (smell) is a little strong
  • matches my skin tone perfectly
  • leaves a demi matte finish
  • very natural looking
I literally love this product. Has to be the best out of all the MAC foundations I have tried. The end result is just perfect, looked fresh and dewy thanks to the demi matte finish. It covered redness well but still left freckles on show so not too much coverage but it however very build-able.

MAC Matchmaster

Collection 2000 Colour Match Shade Natural £5.99
In my opinion I found it

  • Wet on the skin on initial application but dries nicely
  • Runny substance had to rub in quickly
  • heavy coverage (but covers redness well)
  • not streaky
  • smells nice
  • Didn't completely match my skin tone, looked quite washed out 
    I was pleasantly surprised with Collection 2000. I have used previous foundations from them and they were perfect. The end result is a little bit too heavy for my skin. Although its a colour match it left me looking a little ghostly?! Only use a small amount of this product as it does spread very far.

    Collection 2000 Colour Match


    I have to say that I really wanted the collection 2000 foundation to win however I have to go with MAC. I am deeply in love with Matchmaster. It suits me perfectly (as it says on the bottle. I would say to give collection 2000 a try. It is a brilliant cheaper alternative (aiming to do the same as MAC) maybe I needed a colour up?

    The only thing MAC do better is have a massive collection of colours to choose from where as Collection 2000 only have between 5-6 shades.

    In these pictures below you can see how similar the products are side by side and then when rubbed in.

    Collection 2000 is allot runnier than the MAC

    Collection 2000 on the left and MAC on the right

    Once rubbed in they look very very similar!!
    Hope you found this helpful! From one side of the scale to the other =)

    Have you tried these two? How did you find it?

    06 October 2011

    MAC Vs Collection 2000

    Mac have released a new foundation call MatchMaster which adapts to your natural undertones of your skin.

    This is brilliant as who wouldn't want a 'personalised' foundation!

    What MAC say about MatchMaster

    New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturizing demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line-reducing soft-focus powders.

    Now Collection 2000 have released a foundation called Colour Match Foundation.
    What Collection 2000 say about Colour Match
    - super safe SPF20 to keep you safe against those harmful UV rays
    - available in 6 shades, from bronzed beauty to porcelain doll
    - contains a unique skin tone technology that adapts to the skin's natural tone to help deliver a subtle, flawless look that lasts.
    MAC MatchMaster - £24.50 35ml
    Collection 2000 Colour Match - £5.99 30ml
    Seeing as they are both about getting the same result it would be interesting to see if there is a massive difference in finish as well as the price!
    Keep an eye out for my next post: Photo Swatches of MAC MatchMaster Vs Collection 2000 Colour Match

    05 October 2011

    Lit Cosmetics Giveaway & Review

    Hey all.
    I wanted to tell you all about a company called Lit Cosmetics from Canada.
    They do the most amazing glitters EVER!!

    Their slogan is ' NO GLITTER NO GLORY' << LOVES IT!

    I love glitter cosmetics, in fact i'm a big fan of using Barry M dazzle dusts however Lit Cosmetics use a really fine glitter for their products.

    I got a kit which includes the following:

    • 2 Brushes 1 x Liner 1 Round
    • 3 Glitter colours - Pink, Purple and Gold
    • Clear liquid for adhesive 
    • Glitter remover ( meshed puffy ball )
    I AM IN LOVE!! They are PERFECT for creative looks or holidays such as Halloween or Christmas etc.
    I have done a video about the company so check that out.

    Also, I am giving away a mini kit of the above.
    Which looks like this....
     All you have to do is be a subscriber to my YouTube channel - so click on that little yellow button on my channel =)
    Give away will last for 1 week only. Winner to be announced on the 12th October =)

    More info about Lit -
    Facebook page = www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Lit-Cosmetics/45978364949

    Youtube page = www.youtube.com/user/litcosmetics 

    NOTE: shipping is just $10 anywhere in the world!

    >  NOTE: the “Promotional Card” for a FREE glitter color with any online
    order when you mention 'twisted sistah' in the checkout!

    website www.litcosmetics.com 

    03 October 2011

    Review: Bubbi Makeup Brushes (PIC HEAVY)

    Look just how cute these brushes are!!!

    I'm sure you all would of hear of BubzBeauty from YouTube? She has released her own makeup brushes and just from spotting them on a thumbnail I knew that I had to have them. BOY WAS IT A GOOD CHOICE!

    I purchased the Bubbi Brushes set - Basic Set.
    This included the following brushes

    Retractable brush

    Powder Brush

    Dual Cover



    Dual Eyes

    Eye shadow


    Angled Liner

    All these brushes were £29.99 they were reduced from £36.95.

    The quality of these brushes are amazing.

    • They don't shed
    • Bristle quality is so so soft
    • The name on the handles will eventually wear off with use
    • VERY affordable
    • Fast delivery (even for standard a week from Japan)

    I used these brushes on a client at the weekend and they worked wonderfully.
    Not to mention the look of the brushes are beautiful.

    You can order your's from here - http://www.shopbubbi.com/