29 August 2012

Bye Bye BlushBlendBeauty

Hey lovelies....

So as you probably guessed from the title, I am throwing the towel in with my blog.

It wasn't an easy decision at all to make however, I feel I communicate better with you all via my YouTube channel. I find it really difficult to get my personality into writing.

I have decided to end my blog journey, and what a journey it has been as well. I have met SOOOO many nice people along the way and I just want to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for supporting me and making this sooo much fun to do.

I really want to put my heart and soul into my videos, its what I enjoy the most! 
Everyone who knows me well, knows I love a chat =D

So again, a HUGE thank you to everyone. The support was amazing, please keep supporting my YouTube journey over at www.youtube.com/blushblendbeauty.

I'm still on twitter: https://twitter.com/BlushBlendBeaut
And on Instagram: Blushblendbeauty

Keep in touch.

Lots of Love

Natalie xxxxx

17 July 2012

Illamasqua Skin Base to MAC foundations Comparison Chart

Hey lovelies!

This is a very quick post!
I seem to always get asked what shade people would be in Illamasqua Skin Base from any MAC shade.
I come across this chart conversation today on the illamasqua facebook site and thought it could help quite a few people so here it is.

Hope this helps! =)

Love Natalie xxx

16 July 2012

ELF Studio Glossy Gloss

Good evening all.

Last week I took full advantage of the ELF 50% off and purchased myself some goodies.
I want to show you all these wonderful lip glosses. Now as you know I love a lipstick however never actually pull off wearing them. Second best option is a colour gloss.

If i'm honest I really thought these glosses would be an utter waste of money as normally 'coloured' lip glosses normally come out clear with a 'hint' of colour. I was SOOOO WRONG!! 

Just check out how much the colours come through these glosses!!!

Wild Watermelon

Pink candy

Funky Fuchsia 

Wild Cherry

I managed to pick up these bargains at £1.88 each however normal price is £3.75 each.
I am over the moon with these glosses. They can be found in the Studio range and I will definitely be using these on up and coming shoots.

07 July 2012

Triaction Sports Bra by Triumph

 Last week I was contact by the wonderful people at Halpern PR with regards to these new sports bras. Now im not sure if you have been following me on twitter @blushblendbeaut you will see that I am going to Zumba on Mondays and Boot Camp sessions on Tuesday. I am always on the look out for new sport bras and ones that actually work well.

I have just always relied on a very old sports bra from nike and it is good however I find that I need to wear a bra underneath to actually have that full support when running or training etc.

With this Triaction bra it is a god send. I kid you not these puppies do not move at all. I was a little sceptical at first because there is no underwire or what feels like a decent support.... I though this until I put it to the test with an hour of full impact zumba!

I was pleasently surprised. It wasnt uncomfortable in the slightest, it was very soft and very very supportive.  I actually couldnt rate this sports bra enough so a HUGE thank you for Halpern PR for contacting me. I absoliutely love this.

They do different ones for different levels of sport however I opted for the extreme.

Looks like I wont be needed this old thing anymore!!! =)

They retail at £40.00 each and come in a range of sizes B-F cups which also impressed me as I am a bigger busted girl I honestly thought it would fit.

Love Natalie xxxx

06 July 2012

New Purchases: Topshop Lipsticks

Hey guys,

I just can't get enough of topshop lipsticks
They have such a array of colours to choose from and the staying power of these bad boys is intense.

I purchased these a few weeks back and I have fallen in love with them.

Love the packaging!!

Secret Admire and Infrared

Secret Admire

I love these colours!! Secret Admire is a gorgeous natural colour on the lips and it is quite hydrating for a lipstick. I normally wear this with an elf pencil underneath. If you want to see how that looks together then please watch my latest video below. Infrared is more of an orangey tone for me and I think this kind of tones works best for my skin tone too and also doesn't make my teeth look yellow which is a winner in anyone's eyes!  

They retail at £8.00 each and can be found here topshop lippies!!

Do you have a favourite topshop lipstick? If so what one as im always looking to expand my kit with new colours!

Have a lovely weekend guys.

Love Natalie xxxx

04 July 2012

Wednesday Wants.... Perfume?

Hello lovelies...

I love a good perfume.... but sometimes I find it soo difficult to find a good long lasting one.
I'm always on the hunt for a new scent but I always find myself buying my all time favourite....

Nina by Nina Ricci 

It has the most amazing floral smell, it is quite strong however just reminds me of holidays and summer ( not that we are having much luck at the moment with weather!)

What the experts have to say:
Nina is a modern fairytale fragrance aimed at the younger audience. The fragrance is elegant, floral and fruity with the scent of candied fruits. The composition starts sparkly and spontaneous, just like a carefree laughter with the fresh citrus notes of lemon and lime...

I have stumbled across this website which is selling it for an absolute bargain price too.. WINNING!!

Plus the name of the website actually caught my eye..... kind of reminds people that flowers can be replaced with nicer smelling and longer lasting products!!

They also do mens scents and gift sets too. 

couldn't rave about Nina enough. If you have never tried it go into your local store and give it a whirl. Its soo addictive i'm sure I am on my 7- 8th bottle by now. =/

Have you guys tried this? What's your all time favourite go to perfume?

29 June 2012

Instagram Week 25th- 29th June

 A week in the in life of me with instagram =)
Come follow me @blushblend
HUGE make-up clear out - Dermalogica Delivery - New Video - Poppies falling from the sky

Who stole my sunshine? - Cuddles with Squeak 

Boyce Avenue Download - Fresh faced for work - OOTD suns out - MAC Glitter and Ice Brushes

27 June 2012

Who is BlushBlendBeauty?

Hey everyone.
So this post is really a post all about ME! 
As you know I hit 100 videos on YouTube and I wanted people who watch my videos to ask me anything they liked.
I think its a good opportunity for people to get to know and understand the real me.
I am all about putting across that im not a fake, or like to put on a show. I just tell it how it is and just be me.

Allot of people put us'Gurus' ( hate that term by the way!!) in the same kind of group! We are all SOOOO different and people need to realise this!

If you want to learn more about why I love make-up so much or what my up bringing was like then have a look below.

I hope you enjoy watching it and getting to know me and look forward to more videos with me.

Much Love

Natalie xxx

26 June 2012

100 Videos..... Thank you

I can't quite believe it... 100 videos on YouTube.

This video was to thank everyone who has ever supported my channel and helped me get to where I am today. Its so true that without you guys I wouldn't of even bothered to upload. Its such a nice feeling knowing that people enjoy watching them and learning from me. 

I dedicate this video to you! Feel free to ask me anything you want. Even if it's what my favourite meal? or movie etc! I want everyone to get to know me a little bit better.

I have had some amazing comments so far however plan on doing the answers tonight for everyone... so if you want to leave a comment feel free by 6pm tonight 26th June.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone... you never realise how much your lovely comments and thumbs up feel to me.

Makes my day.

Much Love

Natalie xxxxx 

21 June 2012

Beauty Product Rave: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Travel size on the left - Full size product on the right
Good afternoon beauts 

This post is going to be about Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Instant Radiance Booster. Just the name makes me want to purchase this item.... Instant Radiance Booster.. YES PLEASE!

What the experts have to say:
The ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin—Clarins best-selling radiance booster helps eliminate signs of fatigue in a flash! Instantly moisturises, brightens and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed. Olive and Witch Hazel extracts help smooth the skin’s surface, diffusing the look of lines and wrinkles. Soothing Bisabolol helps restore skin’s youthful glow. Preps skin for perfect make-up application and hours of luminous wear.

Winner of Best Treatment Product
Psychologies Positive Beauty Awards 2011

Winner of Best in Beauty Icon Award - W&H Reader Choice
Woman & Home Best in Beauty 2012

What I say:
I have never been into skin care at all until I started my make-up course with London Muse. I was introduced to Beauty Flash Balm and I haven't put it down since.
I cannot hype up this product enough! I have never been once for gimmicks such as youth serums and amazing line disappearing creams blah blah blah... HOWEVER you really do feel the product sink into the skin and really smooth out those lines.
It makes your skin feel really soft and awake and is a PERFECT barrier for any makeup to lay ontop of.
It doesn't mix with foundation at all which is a god send as a mixing moisturiser with foundation look... isn't the way forward!!.

You use an almond size of product and gently wipe over the face as a moisturiser. 

It glides onto the skin lovely and once absorbed it doesn't leave a sticky texture to the skin at all.

You can purchase it from here

I am yet to use it as a face mask so this I will definitely test out next! 

This in my eyes is a must have product that I will always use on myself and my clients as a base.

Have you ever used it? How did you find it? 

08 June 2012

Fridays Face 8th June 2012

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm as a base 

Illamasqua Skin Base shade 9
NARS blush in Amour
Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzer
Naked Palette - Naked all over the eye
MAC Pro Cromaline 'Blackblack' Gel eye liner
Bare Minerals Mascara

Happy Friday Everyone!
=) xxx

29 May 2012

HUGE Makeup Haul | MAC, Illamasqua, Charles Fox

Hello beauties!

So my absences has pretty much been down to me being super busy with attending Muse and going on holiday etc however I am back and need to get back into the blogging spirit! I have just posted up some lovely cosmetics from Paul & Joe for people to have a read about so i'm getting there =)

Anywhooo so when I attended London Muse we had a shopping day which was basically a day of filling up our kits. I managed to take full advantage of this day and grab all the discounts that I could get my hands on. We visited MAC and then onto Illamasqua and finally onto Charles Fox.

I did do some cheeky instagram pictures of my purchases...

However if you want to see an in-depth video... you're in luck. I posted one last night. It is a bit lengthy so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!

Lots of love to you all,

Natalie xxx

Paul & Joe | Shakespear's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection

Hello everyone.
I'm backkkkk.. sorry for disappearing! 

Last week I was invited to the Paul &  Joe event to showcase their new collection Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream and boy.... is it pretty.

I love the way the cosmetics are designed. So much thought has gone into every little detail and it really makes it stand out from other brands.

They have released a number of new products such as:

Shimmering Pressed Powders £22
Shimmering Body Lotion £24 
Face Colour £15
Lip Gloss £15
Nail Enamels £10.50
Limited Edition Self Eye Colout £12.50 each
Blotting Paper Refill £3.50

All of which can be found on their website here

They have also launched some BEAUTIFUL skin care products. They are formulated to protect treat and soothe the skin.
They have the following on sale now:

Light Cleansing Milk £16.50
Treatment Serum £28.00
Moisture Lotion £22.00

Below are some images of a few products I was lucky enough to receive to review:

First up is the green, yep you heard me, green lip gloss! This gloss is called Fairie Kisses (002) it appears translucent on the lips with a light green apple and vanilla scent to refresh your lips. It works with the natural tones of your lips to create your own little gloss!!

This little beauty is one of their Face Colours. The lighter shade can be used as a highlight and the pink as a lovely shade of blusher on the apples of the cheeks. A very light coverage when applied right to give a lovely 'english rose' flush to the face. It comes in 10 different shades. 

Here we have a gorgeously designed Moisture Lotion has the most amazing fresh scent of oranges to it. good enough to eat. It leaves the skin feeling very fresh and firm. It leaves your skin with a lovely glow, whilst it works its magic to hydrate , firm and brighten up the skin.

Lastly, a really cutely designed nail file and some blotting paper. I have personally never bothered with blotting paper but after seeing how fresh it can make your face look after a few little dabs... I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED!! No more sweaty face on the train for moi.

The full range of Paul & Joe | Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection will be available from 1st june from beautybay,com and also in stores such as Harrods and Fenwick.

They also showed us some amazing nail polishes which Charli was luckily enough to get her hands on so keep and eye out for a post from here!!

Mwah much love

Natalie xxx

02 May 2012

SORRY..... I'm Rubbish

How rubbish am I?
My last post was forever ago and there hasn't really been much of an excuse to give.... so i'll start this post by saying I'm Sorry.

I guess I had a busy April but fear not.... I'm going to fill this post full of everything you have missed and what is coming up in the world of Blushblendbeauty.

On the 19th April I went away on holiday to Turkey and stayed in an apartment in Side,  and it was just an awesome break away. I went with my sister Nicola, her husband Josh and bump.... (baby on the way!!) 

Was so relaxing.... Minus the nightmare journey we had going out there...

After take off (which im not a fan of anyway) there was an almighty crash sounds and a very bright flash of light through the cabin.... I kid you not.... I shat my pants! (not literally) The plane had just been struck by lightning. The pilot confirmed this like 30 MINUTES AFTER IT HAPPENED... cheers. Reassured us everything was ok and that this does sometimes happen. After about another hour of flying the pilot tells us that we are turning around and heading back to Gatwick as it is standard procedure to get the plane checked over. 

Of course this was a huge kick in the crutch but hey... better to be safe than sorry. So off we trot to Gatwick... only to sit on the tarmac for 5 hours!! They changed crew, refuelled, changed pilots the whole lot.... it actually gets worse that they run out of food once back up in the the air and being that my sister and the lady in front were pregnant I was fuming!!!


Any who here are some snaps for you all to take a gander at =)

 Nesquick Cereal before we fly - Excited car journey to gatwick - pasty legs desperate for a tan - holiday gel nails 
Nicola and Bump tanning nicely - Tortoise having dinner with us - Josh posing... =/ - Nicola and Me 
Sun in the face - Me and Nicola Sunset - Sisters <3 - Beautiful dinner scenes.
On Friday 4th May I am actually off to Athens with JPs entire family ( all 8 of us!!) for a long weekend which came as such a nice surprise really. Never been to Greece and i'm looking forward to hoovering up some more sunshine in my life.

On Monday 7th May - Sunday 20th I am attending the London Muse Foundation to Advanced Make-up Course which I am SUPER excited about. Nothing better than furthering your knowledge in a subject you truly enjoy doing. I have asked to take photos and vlog the days so hopefully this is ok to do so keep your eyes pealed for footage/blogs from the classes.

Because of the busy times ahead Blogging and Videos on youtube will be minimal. I am going to try my very best to record in the evenings and blog my days at London Muse so any support will be greatly appericated during these up and coming weeks.

I do have 2 newish videos up for you already also explaining what i'm up to:

Update about my course, Turkey holiday and Race for Life

April Favourites and a little update at the end.

WOAH this post is huge. Must be making up for my neglect.

I do have some products that have been sent to me to review whilst I was away so hope to get these up asap too!

SOOOOOO..... (fingers hurt now) until my next post I shall speak to you all very soon.
Thank you so very much for your continued support with  my blog and YouTube even though there hasn't been much material recently.


Natalie xxxx

10 April 2012

Tuesday Updates =)

Hello everyone.

Hope you all had a lush bank holiday weekend.

I really enjoyed my time off, so much I am struggling at work right now =/. Never mind.
This is just a quick post to firstly apologies for the lack of blogging. I have just wanted to relax recently, however I am back in the game and I have some posts up my sleeves for you all.

I have a few videos that are new to keep you entertained for a bit at least =) haha.

March Favourites

TAG: 10 little secrets

Some pictures from my weekend too, I thought I would just chuck these in for good measure =)

Camden for Jodie's Birthday 

The state of my converse after a session at brick lane on sunday! =/

I reach 10,000 Subscribers on youtube which is frigging amazing! 


26 March 2012

Birthday Haul!

Hey lovelies!

Thursday the 22nd March was my 25th birthday and on Friday 23rd it was my best friends :)
So on Friday we went to good old lakeside, armed with birthday money and gift vouchers etc Happy days!

Naturally I recorded a haul to show all the stuff I purchased for myself.... and a kinda holiday haul as im off to Turkey in 3 weeks =)

If you wanna see what I was treated too and what I bought myself.... click on the video below!

Two favourite purchases - Michael Kors watch from the lover and my TopShop Jumper which can be purchased from here as a few people have asked about it. Studded Jumper

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I had a lush day and night. Mwah xxxx

16 March 2012

Birthday Outfit (Hopefully, need your help!)

Hey guys. so next week I turn 25....... WOW! Quarter of a century haha. (What a way to look at it!)
Me and a load of my lovely friends are bar crawling along Islington for mine and Sara's Birthday as she is the day after me, so I thought I need a smart casual attire for it and here is what I have come up with!

What do you guys think? I plan on wearing a black blazer with gold buttons over the top?

Help me!!!! 

08 March 2012

Blog Sale- Makeup

It's that time again... me staring at makeup pieces that I hardly or never use that could go to a better home!!!! Just a small one for now... 

Here are the Rules...

Shipping is £2.00 no matter how many items you purchase. If you are an international buyer i will agree a price with you before hand as postage is more money. If you are interested in an item please leave your paypal address below and I will invoice you =) xx 

I will accept offers on the makeup palettes (bitchslap, Crownbrush)

Bitch Slap Cosmetics 28 Palette (No longer on their website) £15 SOLD

Crown brush lip palette Never Used (Still has plastic seal) £10.00

Sleep Primer Palette Swatched once only £3.00 SOLD

Elf Foundation in Sand £1.50 (Swatched once) Collection 2000 Colour Match 4 Natural usage as shown £3.00 SOLD

MAC To the Beach Bronze Oil (Usage as shown) £7.00 SOLD

Sleek Pout paints (used once only) £1.50 each or £3.50 for all three SOLD

Vivo Lipstick in Very Berry £2.00 and Accessorize in Shade 7 Velvet Pink £2.00( usage as shown)

OCC Lip Tar in Trollop (used 3 times) £3.50 SOLD

Benefit 'Im Glam, therefore I am' Never used. Bought it as a gift to myself and it is collection dust! Would like to sell it for the same price as I purchased it £29.50 however will take £25 ( this includes postage)