15 December 2011

Christmas Came Early - GLOSSY BOX

Hey lovelies
I have tried sooo hard not to read any spoilers for this box as it was played up to be THE BEST box yet and let me tell you.

aaah made me feel all christmasy
The last box I had I said it was OK, but I wanted more makeup stuff to be added and my prayers have been answered!
Check out the loot..... ( apologise for the camera quality, it's off the iPhone!)

Without even opening im already soo happy with the press cards before hand! Even printed on white card makes it soo much easier to read and see more information about the product itself!

Absolutely jam packed with products and full size ones too!

I loved this product by Blink + Go! Such an amazing concept to have the eye shadows and then the blushes underneath in one product! Allot less to carry around in the make-up bag everyday, and the colours are gorgeous. Can't wait to give this a test run. £14.95 isn't too bad in my books! 

 This lip gloss by Cargo cosmetics is a stunning glittery pink/fuchsia colour. Again, I cannot wait to give this ago, off out tonight so will give it a good trial! =) Full size is £10.00

Nice to see another full sized product in here and its also a body wash which smells bloody amazing!! 
£6.50 full size =)

Ahhh Deborah Lippmann, I have been eyeing up your nail varnishes for ever however I do believe that you couldn't get hold of them in the UK? This may have changed now? £16.00 full size and can be bought from house of fraser now which makes me very happy as these polishes are just something else!
The picture doesn't do the varnish justice, its a gorgeous glittery red - PERFECT for xmas day!

Bionova Eye wrinkle treatment - now you're never too young to use a product like this. I'm 24 and have horrendous lines under my eyes - excited to see if this pot will help at all! Full size is £43.00 which is pretty hefty so I would expect to see a difference!!

Overall this box has well and truly WOWED the pants off me!

If every box is like this, I will be one very happy blogger =)

What did you guys think? Has Glossy Box redeemed themselves?