27 February 2011

OOTD Stars and Stripes and Love Hearts

Afternoon =D

So this is my first OOTD! YIPPEE!

Just a simple outfit from me...  really comfortable plus... great top to play with my camera!!

Hope you all enjoy it.

Top: is from asos
Jeans: dorothy perkins - skinny blue 
Shoes: converse

21 February 2011

ICS Make-up Course Information

so lovers, I thought that I would share with you some information about my makeup course that I am currently enrolled in.

It is the ICS BTECH in makeup artistry!!

So I really hope that this video helps anyone who is thinking about doing this course. I know that I would of really appreciated this video before I enrolled.

I have also attached a few looks that I have had to do throughout the year!

Any questions please ask me! :)

Love Natalie xXx

15 February 2011

Tuesday Treat Me?

I've been eyeing up these for quite a while now and I have decided..... I need it in my life!
Harness Belts!!

How cute is this jewelled harness!! Completely makes the outfit

Image 1 of ASOS Rose Gold Metal and Disc Detail Upper Body Harness

Image 1 of ASOS Double Ring Chain Harness
ASOS Sale £4.00!!
Impulse Blog Post!!!

=) Pay Day Friday.... all mine x

14 February 2011

Monday Must Haves

Just a few products that I have for my first Monday Must Haves.... and I got them all from the London IMATS 2011.

REALLY late in showing you all but I love every product that I got!

So lets start with the NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette. It cost me a £10 however I have been told that you can actually pick it up from TKMAXX for £7.00!! Massive bargain from the website price of £19.99.

Here are some close up shots for you.

Haven't had a chance to do any swatches for the cameras, however I did try a few and it takes a bit of work to get the glitters however its a really fun palette to play around with! :D

Next up is the Crown Brush Blush Palette and I adore it!! Lovely colours, the colour pay off it amazing and it lasts!! I have been using them for my exam pictures and they look gorgeous!!  Here is the palette:

Again, a must have... I think I got this for £18 and the colours are soo pretty!

Next..... *New* Sleek Primer Palette. Now I believe this comes out in stores on the 16th, I'm not 100%  and again, I used it for my make-up design and I used the black primer and it held the make-up soo well! It made the black look perfect! It was just such a lovely base to use and amazingly, no fall out from the eye-shadow.. BONUS!!

The only thing I see wrong with it.... is the plastic sleeve with the colour name on... they never seem to be in the right order =/ never-mind.....

Other than that, I also got 2 new brushes and some MAC studio fix+ spray and brush cleanser!

Love Natalie xXx

12 February 2011

Weight-loss updated with Photos *CRINGE*

Hey lovelies,

so as you guys know, i've completed a week of dietchef and have lost an incredible 7lbs in total. Thats half a stone!

I know you always lose more in the first week but i'm still soo chuffed! I said in my last post that i would show you guys at my heaviest... and then the most recent picture of me now!!

now i'm being pretty brave here.... I HATE some of these with a passion :(

sooo here we gooooo.
At my largest... hate this picture almost 16stone!!!  May 2010

Turkey May 2010... i look pregnant!

At Global Gathering June 2010... Lost 2 Stone!!

Not sure when.. think August... Gained... ALLOT!

November 2010 Slimmed back down to a large size 16!

Christmas 2010... managed to maintain my weight... until the turkey came out =/

January 2010... i decided dietchef has to happen... was almost 15stone AGAIN!

jan 29th... managed to slim down without any diet to fit into my dress.... which was bought as a size 18.... was too big at that party =) dietchef happened the weeks after

As you can see.... lost it all in my face and my waist is now visible! YIPPEE!! Half stone down.

So as you can see.... i've battled big time with my weight.. enough is enough now. I know how much happier I will be once I reach my goal! And according to my virtual weigh in it will be in April... however I'm thinking more may june time.

I am going to try my very best to keep posting pictures.. full body ones too so that you can really get an insight into my journey...

No harsh comments please... it's taken allot for me to put these up..... just be encouraging

Until next time.

Love Natalie xXx

07 February 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

Day 6 of diet chef... and it WORKS!!
I was a little sceptical at first seeing as your eating proper meals but its all calorie and portion controlled so really you can't go wrong... well only if you cheat!!

But after weighing in last Tuesday at 14st 9lbs I am now

14st 6lbs!

I am absolutely over the moon!! I know in your first week of a diet you tend to lose the most but I am soo happy right now =D

According to the virtual weight-in online, it thinks that I will reach my goal in April... which would be lovely, however I know this is going to change when the weigh starts to level out at around 3-4lbs loss on a weekly basis.

I will eventually add some before and during pictures onto this post, hopefully tonight 07-Feb-2011.

So this is just a quick update but keep posted for my weight loss journey

Love Natalie xXx