31 January 2012

Mini Shoe Haul!

Hey lovelies..

Hope your all feeling better than I am right now ( stinking cold ) blergh!

However today a package was delivered to my mums and it had made my day.
Now if you REALLY know me, you will know I will do ANYTHING to not wear heels for the night as they hurt, always have a fear of falling over haha and just want to enjoy myself without my feet killing me (worst girl EVER!)

BUT.... after being shown this website, thanks Gracie I ended up purchasing these two babies. One of them is a dupe for Jeffrey Campbells Litas at half the price which is amazing. The other pair are just some FIERCE heels filled with spikes all over the heel.

Let's say I can't wait to try and rock these ones night... and not fall over haha.

Get yourself on  http://www.chockersshoes.co.uk/  and check out the sale!

25 January 2012

Skin Care & Covering Up Spots!

Hey guys, so you may have seen me tweet recently that my skin is soooo bad this year so far.
I have had this kind of 'mini' break out on my chin area and I decided that something had to be done.

I am not into skin products WHAT SO EVER. I literally wash my face with soap and hardly EVER moisturise!... I KNOW... SOO WRONG! 

So I have now got myself into a little routine of using some spot fighting treatments and below are my results.

I have started using simple spotless skin triple action face wash and moisturiser. 
It promises to have an effect from day 1 and it honestly does.

 Now I apologise for the graphic pictures below of my breakout!! However its the best way to show you the results.
Day 1 of the dreaded breakout


As you can see just from ONE days use I have amazing results.

 If you want to buy this, I bought mine from sainsburys and would highly recommend the product for little blemishes and redness.

I have also uploaded a video of how I cover up my spots/blemishes and here is a photo below.

To check out the video please click the link below also =)

Video on How To: Cover up spots

What's your go to product for getting rid of spots? or covering them up?


Dry Lips? Here is the Solution!

I have been struggling for months and months with sore lips :(
Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you have chapped lips and the healing time is a JOKE... well for me anyway.

I have found a miracle of a cure. 
No fancy packaging or gimmicks just straight to the point.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser 

I purchased mine from Sainsburys and it was £2.50 for a 5g tube

Now for lips i'm normally a Vaseline kind of girl, not normally one for a moisturiser at all.
It glides on nicely, works into the lips and leaves a lovely minty fresh smell ( and taste if you eat some like I did! haha)

I have been testing it out for a week so far and I am soo pleased at the moment how it has cleared up the splits and dryness.

Have you tried it yet? What is your lip therapy?

Natalie xxx

05 January 2012

Eyeshadow Lip Tricks

Happy New Year to you all!!!

I am sooo sorry I went MIA... I was busy at work and to be honest fancied a bit of family time over Christmas and new years but fear not... I am back =)

So last night, whilst waiting for JP to get home so we could go running (yup, 2012 health kick) I was mucking around with makeup and decided to try and do some looks using eye shadows on my lips.

Very Weird I Know!

I managed to create these gorgeous shades using 2 products only!!
Vaseline (Or a clear gloss) and Barry M Dazzle Dusts.

Now, if you were like me, as a kid... and also now.. I had an obsession with Barry M Dazzle dust. Practically having every colour =/ I thought I would put them to good use.

Seeing as they are a loose shadow and highly pigmented I thought they would be perfect to work with... turns out they are!!

Check out some of the creations I made last night.
*Not 100% sure of the colour numbers but will fill it in once I'm home*


These looks took no longer than 2 minutes to create! Perfect for a fancy dress makeup look, or even if your feeling quite bold and want to wear them out.

Let me know what you guys think.

Have any of you ever tried this before? Recommend any other brands of shadows to do this with?