30 May 2011

Holiday Time... Tick Tock

Evening lovelies!

As you guys know... I'm off to Florida in the morning and couldn't be any more excited if I tried =D... I honestly feel like I did when I was a kid. You know thew whole thing of not being able to sleep, that's going to be me in a few hours!

I plan on having a BIG shop up over there any wanted to know what I simply have to get from across the pond. I plan on raiding MAC like a child in a candy store, but what are your MUST have products from MAC? I need inspiration as well as stuff for my kit... boooo!

Which brings me to the excitement of receiving Samantha Chapmans make-up brushes Real Techniques in the post. First impressions... A-M-A-Z-ING quality.

They are silky soft, nothing I felt before and to be honest packaging was lovely too. I can't wait to to put them to the test when I get back but here is a sneaky picture of what I got =)

Holiday nails are all done. Now if you watch my youtube you know I bite the crap outta my nails and not intentional it just happens, so my friend has managed to do gel nails for me and make them look all pretty again using Bio Sculpture Gel on them. 

Just a lovely coral, pink, red. She mixed the colour herself from a few left over pots and I love them! They should last me a week and then I have my Kiss stick on nails for the second week.

And last up is the current state of the boyfriends room and for once it's him that is the last to pack hehe.. normally me....

We're all ready to go at 5am for a 11am flight from Gatwick... ouch

And whilst i'm away there are two Guest Blog posts for you guys to keep an eye out for =)

That's all from me, I plan on vlogging, and taking as many pictures as I can whilst out there and I shall update you all once i'm back in 2 weeks time.

Much love hunnies

Natalie xxxxxx 

26 May 2011

Eyes Lips Face Haul and Swatches *Picture Heavy*

Hello Lovelies!

It's been a while since i've placed an order at ELF so I went all out and ordered.... LOADS!! =)

So lets start with the brushes! I've never ordered an ELF brush before so this will be a test, and to be honest, I'm yet to give them a good workout so no review just a pictures!

From left to right:

  • Studio Stipple brush £3.50
  • Angled Contour brush £3.50
  • Eyeliner brush £1.50
  • Cuticle Pushers £1.50
  • Blush brush £3.50

Lipsticks from left to right:

  • Posh - deep cool berry mauve creme £1.50
  • Gypsy - cool pink sheer £1.50

Blushers from left to right:
All be it, they are tiny for blushes, the colour pay off it lovely!!

  • Natural Radiance Blusher Glow £1.50
  • Natural Radiance Blusher Coy £1.50

Nail varnishes from left to right:

  • *NEW* Mango Madness £1.50
  • Fire coral £1.50
  • *NEW* Smokey Brown £1.50
  • Champagne £1.50

Amazing colours!!

These are the new ELF conditioning lip balms. These were actually sent to me for free for review and im sooo impressed. The consistency is just like Vaseline, it glides on, makes my lips feel really moisturized!
They are currently priced at £3.50 each and i opted for a colour and a neutral.

Melow Melon

Nice and Natural
Last up is a black cream eyeliner
£3.50 including a brush

Again, pleasantly surprised with this product. It literally just glided onto the skin. No tugging from the product. Felt very creamy and even when trying to remove the swatch the staying power was amazing! can't wait to try this out on my winged liner!!

All this, plus a pencil sharper (haha) for £32.00 and the shipping was free as it was over £30.00!

I'd say I made some good choices. Go over to their site and check them out:


What have you bought and loved from elf?


23 May 2011

Review: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

Recently browsing in boots on my lunch break and these two beauties caught my eye...
I have never used a cream blush before so thought that it's about time that I give them ago.

They were £6.49 each, which I originally thought was quite expensive but then the packaging itself is good as well as the amount of product that your getting. You get 7.5g of product in each pot.

Each blush is contained in a small glass jar with a matching lid for colour. However, what I did find strange is that no where on the product did it say the shades? I found out the shade names from the receipt?!?! Very strange for a product not to contain the shade name....

Anywho.. I purchased Peach and Berry and I have to say im really impressed. I always thought that a cream blush would be harder to control on the face or it would stain the cheeks but I shouldnt worry.

It glides on and rubs in so easily and leaves these stunning shades behind. I am particularly in love with the Peach as I think this on a tanned based will look A-M-A-ZING!

What they say:

Soft, Natural Colour. This amazingly soft cream blush blends into skin to brighten your complexion adding a kiss of colour to cheeks, giving you a naturally flushed look. Cheeks have a soft hue of natural colour that lasts all day long!
Our cream blush is a perfect blend of pure pigments and cream for a blush that melts into skin & blends effortlessly to create a soft-natural flush of colour that stays true all day.

How to Use

Apply to cheeks and blend in to achieve desired look.

Here are a few swatches for you on the back of my hand so that you can see the true colours.
Heavily swatched for colour purposes 
Blended in
 The product is beauty and I would recommend it to anyone! 
Have any of you used it before? Any pros / cons found? Let me know! 

20 May 2011

A-Z of Moi!

Yup... that's me..... Mental! 

Bit of a random blog... I know!
But I have seen this on a few blogs and I think its a nice little insight to who your reading about so here are my answers xox

Age: 24

Bed Size: King

Chore you Hate: Ironing!

Dogs: Not yet just 2 Guinea Pigs and a cat! But I do want two huskies called Deacon and Diago

Essential start of your day: A cuddle =)

Favourite Colour: I love all colours especially navy and white!

Gold or Silver: Umm Silver but I do like gold

Height: 5'7

Instruments I play: Used to play the recorder? pahaha

Job Title: Training and Examinations Co-Ordinator 

Kids: Not just yet... planning on having 3 =)

Live: London Town

Mum's name: Lesley xxx

Nickname: Natwee, Natas McFlappas, Nat Bite, Bangers, Nat Flat, Natalieeee why do you smell like wee? 

Pet Peeve: Stuck up self obsessed people! GET A GRIP!!

Quote from a movie: Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, For I never saw true beauty till this night

Right or left handed: Right handed.

Siblings: Nicola - Bestest Sister ever!! 

Time you wake up: 6.50 then snooze until 7.10

Underwear: Yes thanks =)

Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts... why oh why? Little bags of farts! EWW!

What makes you run late: My hair if I wash it in the morning! AFRO!!

X-rays you've had done: Head, Neck, Chest, Stomach, Knees... WOW nearly everywhere then!

Yummy food you make: Make a frigging mean chilli con carne! YUMMMERS!

Zoo animal: Lions.... beauties!

So I hoped you liked my little quick post, tell me more about you =)

Have a good weekend guys

Love Me xxx

17 May 2011

Bright Bold Beautiful - GIVEAWAY!

OMG... I have been totally inspired by Lisa Eldridge and her new video!
It was bright colours bright lips and it was just soo nice to see block colours used in make-up!
I also made Youtube Partner!

I decided.... that's it.... I need to do a give-away =)

All I want you guys to do is create a colourful, bold, bright look use any colours you like in any way... do be shy.. GET CREATIVE!!

You can enter 3 ways:

  • Post a blog post with your pictures for this competition
  • Do a video response on youtube with your pictures ( tutorials aren't necessary) 
  • TwitPic Me a picture of your look @blushblendbeaut

The winner will received the new Kiss String Lashes and a goodie bag of more products from them. Also you will be able to pick 2 MAC lipsticks and they will be yours!

Competition runs from 16th May 2011 - 12 Midnight 24th May 2011.

I will be picking the winner.

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see the replies! Ekkkkk =)

and remember THINK BRIGHT!!!

11 May 2011

Pretty Corals and Pastels Everywhere

 Everywhere i'm looking... including my own wardrobe that is.. there is coral!

It's such a gorgeous colour and really compliments us girls with the darker hair and eyes (so I've been told ) but I honestly think it suits everyone. It just screams summer to me. I've also noticed that pastel colours are in now too.


Look at these babies...


Clothes...                                 Get this top here 
            Dorothy Perkins £19.50

Dorothy Perkins £30.00

Makeup....                                Sleek Makeup 


It looks like a must have for this spring/summer so i've jumped on the band wagon and made a make-up look to go with these lovely colours!

Using inexpensive products of course =) You know how I like to keep the price down. Unless i'm buying clothes =/ 

Hope you guys like it... let me know what you think!

Love Natalie xXx