21 July 2011

I want I want!!

Every pay day I swear my head does the following:

Right Natalie lets not be silly.. check the account: Annnd breathe.... direct debits haven't taken it all.. yet


I'm not lying this happens every single month -__-
Now if you sound like me.... this is how I shop now:

I pick up everything I want and walk round the shop, I then end up looking at what I'm holding and put 70% of it back. This seems to work for everything now! Pheww

However, I do need some bits for events coming up (Trip to Manchester, Holiday and maybe a festival)  Here are a few bits that have caught my eye for the 'Must Have' items on ASOS.

19 July 2011

My HD Brow Experience

I tweeted yesterday about blogging about having HD Brows and the overal outcome was a YES!
Now looking around not many people have actually blogged about getting this done so I will be the guinea pig for most of you.

Here is a little information about what HD Brows are:

HD Brows uses a range of hair removing techniques such as waxing, threading and tweezing, combined with tinting to give you beautiful sculpted brows, even the most over plucked eyebrow can be transformed. The HD Brows look is not achieved by any one, single procedure - it is a combination of seven precision steps that produce natural, sculptured looking brows.


Now my brows are practically non existent! They are really sparse in hair, colour is so light for my hair colour and they have some form of shape (when I can be arsed to pluck them) 

I normally get mine waxed and then tinted by Sara, a friend who is a qualified beautician. I have previously tried threading, this gave me the best result however I practically balled my eyes out throughout the whole process haha! 

So here are my pathetic things that I call my eyebrows..

And here is my after picture!

Just look at the difference, it is just amazing. I believe that eyebrows really shape a persons face and they suit me soo well. Lauren left me some hairs on the inner corner as brows should naturally grow closer to the bridge of the nose. Eventually they will start to grow and be shaped again.

The whole procedure was so relaxing, nothing hurt (even the treading.. no tears!) It took just under an hour (with chitchat).

I am really chuffed. Lauren who attended the official HD Brow training - website link is http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/

Lauren is from Chingford, London ( Close to Essex) she works from home so if you are interested in getting them done please let me know and I will pass over her details.

Would you have it done?

17 July 2011


Hello Lovers,

So I attended the lovely event hosted by the one and only London Beauty Queen who did a fabulous job by the way!!

The run down of the day!!

It was day that was meant for bloggers to come together meet new and old faces and basically talk about everything that we love.
Me being quite new to the blogging scene loved every minute of it.

I'm quite an out going person and love making new friends and matching the names of blogs with the people behind them. This day was perfect for me. Everyone was so welcoming, lovely and just so friendly.

I met up with these lovely bunch... any many more
Tasha from youtube
Charli and Alex 
Tasha and Anna x

Really sorry if i missed anyone out... =( xx

It started off with talks from MUA who were showcasing their new range of produced called MUA Professional.

They are now offering palettes for £4.00 which is just amazing. The pigment of some of the colours are just WOW for £4.00!!

Three looks were created by Katie our makeup artist for the day. Red carpet, Smokey eye and then Festival fun. Me being the Festival Fun makeup model =)

MUA New range of makeup

Sabrina getting her red carpet look

A little video of me talking about the new range.

We were then told about some fantastic products that Dove has to offer . We were given a quite in-depth talk about the science behind the product which to be honest was really interesting seeing as I am a girl who just loves to damage my hair with all things hot!! =/

We did get to take away some gorgeous smelling products that being the Indulgent nourishment body lotion with shea butter cream which I wanted to eat it smelt so good, and also the Nourishing oil care express treatment conditioner.

We then moved onto having a lovely chat with BritishBeautyBlogger LBQ and Really Ree all to di with blogging which was really inspiring as a newbie. They gave us some great tips and answered all the questions that I was firing at them!

The day ended with a demo from Ree with the Lauren's Way Self Tanning collection. Ever since this product was released I was always a bit skeptical about it. The product it self looked cheap, its come from a celebrity etc etc and I just thought it all a gimmick and it's going to look terrible. WELL.... HOW WRONG WAS I!!

Ree getting ready to demo for us

Moose Application

Lotion application
The tan looked amazing, it went on so easy and buffed in without any challenge! I really cannot wait to give this a go and let you all know how I get on.

Overall I thought the day was a complete success and I really enjoyed myself.

Would love to do it all over again!

14 July 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall..


Looking through the stylist magazine (tube home) and I read about this amazing mirror called Shiseido Magic Mirror.

It's a high tech mirror that captures your image (makeup free) you choose the comestics that you would like to try on and it producing your image with the desired looks.

This really reminds me of Cher from clueless when she picks her clothes on the computer... i secretly always wanted one of those too!

How amazing would that be to have one of these in your house. Would cut down time on thinking of what makeup to wear for the day.

Anywho.... I digress... You can book in for a virtual make cover at Fenwicks in Bond Street starting from 24th June - 17th July, Peter Jones 18-24 july, John Lewis Oxford Street 25th July - 18th August.

I would love to give this gadget ago....

Would you do it?