26 August 2011

Skulls? Get in my life!

 I am a magpie for new jewellery and seeing as I have to master the wonder tube every day to and from work I tend to eye up allot of jewellery on people (sounds so pervy)

So minding my own business on the way home and then this girl gets on, with an arm full of bracelts and one in particular caught my eye... SKULLS!

It was obvious that she worked for Links of London, which is a lovely jewellery shop that stocks sweetie bracelets, charms, necklaces etc and I am obsessed with.

So after eyeing up her bracelet for ages I decided to get on Google and check it out =)
On Links website the price for the bracelet is *GULP* £135 OF YOUR BEST ENGLISH POUNDS!

Now, I am no where near a birthday, christmas etc and I am a really impatient person, if I see something I have to have it then and there. So i put my thinking cap on and looked on eBay for a similar one.
And here we have it....

The one from links

eBay Special

This bad boy set me back a whopping...... £9.98 including delivery!! 
They do it in a range of colours too however the white was my favourite =)

If you like it, go get one from this seller... Ebay Shop#
Delivery was amazing as I ordered it yesterday

I love it 

24 August 2011

ELF Hit and Miss Products

Hey guys,

Hope your all good. I uploaded a new video yesterday for people who are wanting to buy ELF products but are unsure what they are like an also the products that I think you should avoid.
This is just my opinion you might like them but I just don't get on with them! =)

And if you really fancy a laugh... watch the last 10 seconds of the video on the cage (right hand side) Guinea Pig stunts! Nicely pointed out to me by Lisa - her blog is here >> http://www.gorgeous-me.net/

What do you guys think of ELF?

16 August 2011

Smashbox Lip Gloss Swatches

I got these babies whilst on my travels in America and i'm so glad that I picked them up as they are LUSH!
I am unfortunately missing a lip gloss that came with the collection as a friend has it =(

However here are the swatches for you all to see the colour payoff.

Shade: Glam

 Shade: Illume

Shade: Afterglow 

Shade: 24/7

Shade: Infinite

Now my all time favourite that I have been using in videos allot is the illume, however... I am starting to love the look of infinite. The bottom two lip glosses are actually the limitless long wear glosses and the top 3 are the lip enhancing glosses.

Personally I think my lips look bigger with the bottom two shades??

Anywho, I am in love with the glosses and I do believe they didn't cost me all that much!


12 August 2011

Twitter Giveaway!


Amazingly... I reached 1000 followers on twitter. UN-FLIPPING-REAL!

A massive thank you to EVERYONE who has followed me and supported me since starting up twitter, Blog and YouTube  You have all be fabulous to me and this is how I plan on showing you guys how much you mean to me!

The wonderful Kiss Products who do those amazing nails and lashes are sponsoring my give-away and I will be putting in tons of products from the likes of MAC, illamasqua, Benefit, Urban Decay, Superdrug lashes, Batiste, and many more!

All you have to do is tweet the following quote:



  • Please only tweet it once, I am only counting one tweet per person you you really will be wasting your time!!
  • Must be a follower! If you are picked and I can see that you are not a follower I will pick again.

The winner will be announced on Friday 19th August - Prizes will be purchased the following day so will be sent out in the week after.
A massive good luck to all those entering and again a HUGE thank you to everyone's support!!



11 August 2011

Only went and did it her way!!

I watched, listened and learnt how to do it Lauren's Way.
Now in previous posts, I had told you all how sceptical I was about using a 'celebrity endorsed' product. I normally tend to stay well away from these as I just think its just a phase and will never kick off.... well how wrong was I?!?!


We were given a bottle each to try from reallyree.
I am now a FAN of this TAN << see what I did there? haha geek....

Here are my results from last nights tan, from it being applied, and then the finished result in the morning. Just to say that I was using the mousse rather than the lotion.

Step 1 - Take Lauren's Tan

Step 2 - Take bare legs, buffed, shaved and moisturised in the prone dry areas.

Step 3 - Take a mit and pump the tan onto it ready to go

Yes.... it looks like doggie doo!

Step 4 - Apply onto the legs (normally in circular motions however for picture I done a strip)

Here is my before and after ( Left leg being the one with Lauren's Way)

My results in the morning after a shower to wash the colour guide off

The tan overall was fabulous. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. It was a perfect application, not marks at all or smears anywhere. It dries so very quickly so after about 10 minutes or so you can get dressed again and it doesn't smell on application. However, in the morning before washing it off, it does have the DIGESTIVE biscuit smell that most tans have, but that does fade =)

It has left me with a lovely glowing tan, not ORANGE and I would definitely purchase this again.

You can purchase your bottle here at http://www.laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/

Have you wanted to try this tan? How have you got on with the product? Let me know!

Love Natalie xx

01 August 2011

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation & Matte Lip Colour (PICTURE HEAVY)

I'm going to lie, I am a magpie when it comes to foundations. I want to try them all.... if only i had the funds =/

ELF have recently released their own foundation called Flawless Finish Foundation. This is what they say about the product:

Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation. The lightweight formula blends in naturally for a beautiful semi-matte finish. This liquid foundation applies easily and lasts all day for visibly brighter and radiant looking skin. Using our Flawless Finish Foundation not only restores uneven skin textures and tones, but most importantly, the SPF 15 protects your skin against harmful sun damage!

ELF were kind enough to send me the products for review and this is what I thought:

First impressions, lovely packaging, frosted bottle, looks similar to Bobbi Brown and MAC. Sleek and simple. £6.50

Sand (shade) looks nice and warm initially
Small pump ( Flash)

Small pump (no flash)
 Seems quite thick when spread out using finger tips. A little goes a VERY long way!
Gentle rub in
 OK, totally not the colour it started out. It has now started to resemble a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation.
Rubbed in more using finger tips
The colour is now completely different to how it started when first pumped onto the hand. As you can see from my wrist this shade is just no good to me at all, however it looked quite promising from the outset.
Finished result
The finish look, I'm not really too keen with. It is quite shinny and feels sticky.
It actually smells very nice, the only way to describe it is really like baby powders? Maybe with a setting powder over the top but this product for me a bit of a let down =(

Next up is the ELF Matte Lip Colour. £3.50

Natural (shade) without flash

Natural (shade)  flash
 The shade is very natural and looks moisturising even though it is a matte lip pencil. The product actually glides onto the lips really well, it even covers my freckle on my lip!!
 The colour pay off was gorgeous. I love the hint of colour it gave me lips. This with a nice gloss over the top would look amazing.
I'm really happy with the lip pencils and plan on getting more in difference shade. Definitely worth a purchase!

Have any of you guys tried the new ELF products at all? How did you get on with the foundations?

HD Brows - 2 Weeks Later

Hi everyone!
Thought this might be good for some of you who are interested in getting HD brows done. Here is a link to my previous post... go have a quick read HD Brows

This is just a catch up really to show you how they look 2 weeks later!

Just to note, when I had them done, Lauren dyed the brows. My brows in the picture below have pencil in. The dye only lasts for up to a week, if you do not excessively scrub your face (taking the colour with it!) 

As you can see the shape has change slightly but for 2 weeks, no pucking waxing etc I think they have kept their shape quite well. There are a few stray hairs that just need to be taken care off however overall I'm really chuffed with how they are after 2 week.

Any of you had them done yet?