19 July 2011

My HD Brow Experience

I tweeted yesterday about blogging about having HD Brows and the overal outcome was a YES!
Now looking around not many people have actually blogged about getting this done so I will be the guinea pig for most of you.

Here is a little information about what HD Brows are:

HD Brows uses a range of hair removing techniques such as waxing, threading and tweezing, combined with tinting to give you beautiful sculpted brows, even the most over plucked eyebrow can be transformed. The HD Brows look is not achieved by any one, single procedure - it is a combination of seven precision steps that produce natural, sculptured looking brows.


Now my brows are practically non existent! They are really sparse in hair, colour is so light for my hair colour and they have some form of shape (when I can be arsed to pluck them) 

I normally get mine waxed and then tinted by Sara, a friend who is a qualified beautician. I have previously tried threading, this gave me the best result however I practically balled my eyes out throughout the whole process haha! 

So here are my pathetic things that I call my eyebrows..

And here is my after picture!

Just look at the difference, it is just amazing. I believe that eyebrows really shape a persons face and they suit me soo well. Lauren left me some hairs on the inner corner as brows should naturally grow closer to the bridge of the nose. Eventually they will start to grow and be shaped again.

The whole procedure was so relaxing, nothing hurt (even the treading.. no tears!) It took just under an hour (with chitchat).

I am really chuffed. Lauren who attended the official HD Brow training - website link is http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/

Lauren is from Chingford, London ( Close to Essex) she works from home so if you are interested in getting them done please let me know and I will pass over her details.

Would you have it done?


  1. OMG I want this done. I hate my eyebrows, I have never been able to get them to look amazing. I want this. Yours look amaze!x

  2. Wow they look lovely! I'd be interested in her details - but how much was it?! x

  3. Wow!!!!! They look INCREDIBLE!! she is a very talented girlie xxx

  4. Looks fantastic, what a difference! :)

  5. Hi Alice, she charges £20 for the first visit and then its £25 for returning customers!

    Drop me your email address and i'll send you over her details xx

  6. I'm getting mine done on Thursday! So glad you blogged about them before hand though as I was a little apprehensive!


  7. I knew you'd love it! It really is amazing what they can do using a combo of techniques. VERY clever. It looks FAB!! :D xxxx

  8. They look stunning - I want them! Lol xx


  9. They look really good, I too loved the effect of having my brows threaded but didn't like the way I had to pull on my skin so much. Yours look crisp girl! lol xx