14 July 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall..


Looking through the stylist magazine (tube home) and I read about this amazing mirror called Shiseido Magic Mirror.

It's a high tech mirror that captures your image (makeup free) you choose the comestics that you would like to try on and it producing your image with the desired looks.

This really reminds me of Cher from clueless when she picks her clothes on the computer... i secretly always wanted one of those too!

How amazing would that be to have one of these in your house. Would cut down time on thinking of what makeup to wear for the day.

Anywho.... I digress... You can book in for a virtual make cover at Fenwicks in Bond Street starting from 24th June - 17th July, Peter Jones 18-24 july, John Lewis Oxford Street 25th July - 18th August.

I would love to give this gadget ago....

Would you do it?


  1. oh wow that sounds soooo cool! I loved the whole clueless thing too LOL x

  2. I don't really like this idea...Id rather just try it on my face to see what the formula and longevity is like, thats something the computer can't really judge but is so important to me.