07 June 2011

Guest Blog Post- Haul & First Impressions - Elf Bamboo Brushes!

Hey Honey-Bees! 

Just thought I would share a quick haul with you beauties, a haul in which kind of made me over excited - I admit it. 

Oh yes, during the time when Elf stated they were having 50% off all of their Bamboo Brushes, I totally jumped head first into the offer and bought most of the collection.

(Left to right)

Elf Powder Brush - The rounded brush shape is designed to evenly distributes powder across the face for light-to-medium coverage. This is perfect for face powder.

Angled Blush Brush - Create perfectly sculpted cheeks and defined cheekbones with this soft-tapered brush! The slanted shape offers exact precision for colour application. This is perfect for bronzer, blush, highlighters and contouring powders. 

Complexion Brush - This tapered and plush brush is designed to fit the contours and crevices of your face for when you need more control for dusting, sweeping, and setting make-up to achieve medium-to-full coverage.This is perfect for face powder and bronzer.

(Left to right)

Elf Foundation Brush - Foundation is said to be perfectly blendable using this brush, to create a beautiful and even complexion. The tapered brush contours the face for easy manoeuvring to achieve flawless and natural looking coverage. This brush is perfect for foundation or concealer.

Elf Concealer Brush - The tightly packed hair and tapered edge contours eyes and blemishes for concentrated coverage. This brush is said to create perfectly blended colour for a smooth and even finish. Perfect for concealer or cream eye shadows.

(Left to right)

Flat Eyeliner Brush - Designed to create a precise thin line along your top and bottom lashline. The level brush distributes an even amount of product and creates uniform definition.

Smudge Brush - It's possible to create the perfect smoky look using this brush, by smudging in colour along the corner of the eye. The short hair and rounded tip of the brush are great for adding depth in the crease of the eye or applying highlighter on the brow bone. This brush is perfect for eye shadow and highlighters.

Contour Brush - Don't worry I'm the same, I though this brush was literally a face contouring brush. Nope, this little baby is designed for the eyes! This brush helps with a detailed contouring and blending in the crease and corners of the eye. Great for applying concentrated colour for a dramatic effect. This brush is perfect with any type of eye shadow.

(Left to right)

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush - The large flat brush head is designed to create a perfectly even and smooth colour application on the eyelid. The curved shape of the bristles provide easy manoeuvring and precision for colour where you want it. This brush is perfect for eye shadows.

 Blending Eye Brush - The flexible bristles blend out imperfections and dust eye shadow on for a natural, blended, looking finish. Perfect for eye shadows. (Definitely my favourite!)

 Brush bristles quality - The quality of these brushes seem really professional. These antibacterial Taklon bristled brushes are 100% cruelty free, luxuriously soft and can be used with wet or dry product. The flexibility of each is dependant on the type of brush, enabling perfect precision and application for each of the brushes. However they all all incredibly soft - I cannot stop touching these things!

Brush handle quality - The natural and sustainable bamboo handle fits ergonomically in your hand for comfort and precise application. The recycled Ferrule is eco-friendly for guilt free beauty. The Handles look and feel really (again) professional and stern. Personally I think these are just like any other top quality wood, and it looks simply gorgeous!

Overall, I think extremely highly of these brushes. The only downside is that they are a little pricier then the rest of the Elf brushes at the moment - Including the Studio Line brushes. These bad boys are priced at around £5.50 each. However, Elf has a tendency to whack out discount codes, including the 50% off's, so if you're keen on this collection, I would definitely keep a look out on the deals before disregarding them based on the price. 

I will be testing these Bamboo Brushes out a whole lot over the next few weeks, and of course I will let you guys know some more personal pros and cons in which I have found in regards to everything and anything I find that's worth telling.

Please have a look at the Mineral section to view all the brushes mentioned above!

Much love, 

Brittany xxx

Natalie -  Brittany - this post makes me want everything sooooo badly!! And well done for getting it all at 50% off!! Thank so much for such a great Haul and Review Everyone go check out her amazing blog!!!  xxx


  1. greta post next time they're on 50% I am so buying some of these! x

  2. Oh! Look - It's me! Haha :)

    Thanks for posting it! Hope you're having a LOVELY holiday chick!

    Love Britt xxx

  3. Ah that's great, if they have more offers I'm definitely going to take advantage :) xxxxx

  4. I really want to pick up some elf brushes from their studio line :) Lovely blog xx

  5. they look great and such good value! I'm definitely gonna order some! xx

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  7. 50% off that is amazing - i need new ones xxx

  8. GREAT blog! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really LOVE your two cents on it, especially in the most recent post. you are so inspirational and your opinions would mean so much! Thanks!


  9. The eye blending brush looks so promising. They do a similar in Crown brushes but this one is much cheaper.
    Brilliant review ans super helpful.