29 November 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2?

Hey lovelies..

So rumors have been circulating along with a hand full of some pictures about a Naked Palette 2?!?!


If you go to the Urban Decay website on the front page it does state something new is coming with the word 'Naked' on it so it very well could be true!

These are a few of the pictures floating around.

These pictures are courtesy of coquetteinparis.wordpress.com

If this is true the packaging looks a lot better in my eyes! The colours look fab, even if they do look very similar to the original naked palette. There seems to be more shimmery shadows in this one. It also seems  to have a dual ended brush - would be so much better for a flat brush and a crease/blending brush *which by the looks of it, it is!!!*

It would be awesome if this was true, allot of website stating we will find out on December 1st...

What do you think? False rumors? Would you buy it?


  1. I heard this too, I think it might be true though as UD hit the jackpot with the first so they probably expect the same trend with the new one.=))

  2. Oh gosh, it looks amazing. I would definitely buy it!

  3. I think from the pics I prefer the first one. Not a huge fan of gold glittery/shimmery shades that looks like there are more of in the new one.
    Only got the first one recently and I love it.

  4. I'm hoping to get the original one for Christmas. Does look nice, but the original is probably good enough for me :D


  5. Still don't have the first Naked pallete... want them both!! :O
    www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

  6. This looks SO exciting!! :). X

  7. Ohhh my!! I bet it won't be released in the UK for ages though :( xx

  8. The packaging definitely looks a lot better, I'm not a fan of the current velvety case. Not sure I'm that interested though, the shimmery colours are my least favourite as the fall out is ridic! Although I might change my mind when I see 19064820 blogposts ranting about it!Ha. xx

  9. It's definitely true - I have seen it in the flesh! The packaging is exactly like that in the picture, its tin and it comes with a lipgloss instead of a primer potion. One is supposed to be a warm palette and this one is a cool toned palette. They are quite similar but really lovely - so excited!!X

  10. Oh and it comes out in February xx

  11. I like the look of the packaging, not sure about it though, it just looks too similar to the first one and i dont want two of basically the same thing! :/


  12. Excited! I've just seen a YT video pop up in my subscription box reviewing this. It looks so good :)

    Sarah xo


  13. Wow!! this palette is wonderful!!


  14. So excited..! :D

    Beauty Bay.com on Facebook said that they should be getting it in stock at the start of February? So it must be true!

    If you wouldn't mind popping by and having a look at my blog I'd really appreciate it. I'm only getting started!
    Thanks loads!
    Keep posting,
    Love Courtenay x

  15. I havnt tried anything from urban decay before feel like I should now haha I love the colours :) Xx

  16. I'm obsessed with Urban Decay and loved the first Naked palette, so I will definitely be trying out the second one as well. Especially if those shimmery colours look as pretty in person as they do in the picture, I love myself some glamour.