17 November 2011

My Foundation Collection

Now i'm actually really happy that it isn't as much as i thought it was.
You may think otherwise but I have had a huge clear out and thrown out around 5-10 different ones... whoopsie.

So here is what is left..

The collection

RMK and Max Factor Experience.  

  • MAX Factor Experience I ADORE Max factor it is soo creamy on application and it is very build able as well as excellent coverage. It almost feels like putting whippy cream on? haha very light in texture =)
  • RMK I have only used as a swatch... yet to try out properly! However on that one swatch it seemed very.... runny....? Not like it was give a good coverage to the skin but will update you!

Vichy Dermablend, id BareMinerals, ELF Flawless Finish, Collection 2000 Colour Match

  • Vichy Dermabelnd is my go-to foundation for when I have TERRIBLE skin! It is mainly used as a corrective foundation (cover those HUGE spots!) It has amazing coverage however is very heavy and thick so wouldn't use this on a daily basis, only when I need to hide the spots. 
  • ID BareMinerals is good for when I want my skin to breathe and not have liquids caked on all week long. Not great for coverage much however does give me a smooth complexion. 
  • ELF Flawless finish is CRAPOLA! It doesnt rub in well, it has a strange smell to it and it just doesnt match my skin tone at all. A BIG NO NO for me.
  • Collection 2000 I did a review on against MAC MatchMaster. It is very good for its price, defo a foundation I will use when I don't want to use up the more higher end brands. Coverage is good and it is also build able! 

MAC MatchMaster, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, MAC Pro Long Wear, MAC Face and Body

  • MAC MatchMaster is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES! I wear this every day basically. It gives me fantastic coverage and a lovely finish. It is quite dewy however i do apply a powder after application. It is buildable and the fact it goes to my natyral undertones is brilliant!
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid, again a brilliant foundation, so creamy and smooth on the skin. I did find however if my skin was dry this foundation would not blend well and it would collect around my nose etc without a proper base on.
  • MAC Pro Longwear I usually go for when I know I am going out after work as it does what it says on the bottle - longwear! It is a perfect foundation that doesn't need any touching up during the day at all. 
  • MAC Face and Body - Perfect for those days were you are after a fresh dewy look. It is an amazing formula that makes you look really fresh really awake and the good thing about this is that it is build able for more coverage!

All the different shades I tend to me in MAC?!?! HAHA X

Chanel Pro Lumiere and Revlon Photo Ready

  • Chanel Pro Lumiere - OMG... Just wow! This foundation is just AMAZING! I have never felt such smooth application in all my life. The coverage is amazing... everything about this is just.... guess what... AMAZING!! This is also an every day favourite so it is either this or MAC MatchMaster =)
  • Revlon Photo Ready - This used to be my everyday foundation until my skin stopped agreeing with it =( it gave great coverage and looked great on the skin however I would notice my skin was dry after putting it on or it just wouldn't stay on... my skin got very oily with this and it had to go... such a shame as it did look great in photos!! 

What is your all time fav foundation?? You know me.. always looking for more.. Haha

Much Love

Natalie xxx 


  1. This is ridiculous! Really wanna try the Vichy Dermablend!
    Right now I'm loving Revlon Colour Stay :) xx

  2. I swear I'm addicted to foundation, I'm always on the search for a new one that promised to make my skin flawless xxx

  3. Hi!
    Wow that is come collection! Which of the Mac's would you recommed for oily skin? x

  4. @Janis Cronin I swear by the Mac MatchMaster. I have an oily T Zone quite bad but also used my chanel pressed powder over the top and it works wonders!! =) xx

  5. @Lauren Rose - AAhh it is a life saver with those big red ugly spots! proper mattes out the face and conceals everything well xxx

  6. @ Lovelain94 - Haha me too, however I really must start using all the others up before I purchase more xxx

  7. Love love love Pro Lumiere and Vitalumiere by Chanel I have MAC F&B on today too, such a nice light coverage. Great post lover xxxx

  8. @stacey! im a chanel whore now! haha faves!! Miss your face xxx

  9. That's an impressive collection :) makes me want to buy more Mac foundation! xx

  10. I've been looking for a really good foundation, might have to try MAX factor experience x x

  11. I got a tester in match maker can't wait to try it. And I really want to try face and body and Pro luminere x

  12. This made me wanna try the MAC MatchMaster, great post :)