21 November 2011

November Glossy Box & Mini Rant?

Hey lovelies.
I received my November Glossy Box this morning after reading on twitter that people were getting theirs delivered! This also gets me excited but I never click on any spoilers.....

Now normally I am very excited for my Glossy Box... HOWEVER one thing that really gets me down about it is that people get different products. Now i'm fortunate that this box was sent to me after attending the Glossy Box and Motel Rocks event so it was free, however I would be annoyed at pay £12+ and finding out that someone got something 'better' than what you did. I believe that if you sign up for something like this, everyone should be treated the same ... maybe it's just me =/

Anywho... onto the box

The Christmas Gift Guide Part 1

Arbonne FC5 - Cooling Fot Crème
Moisturing, non greasy foot crème hydrates rough, dry skin and soothes, cool and comforts tired feet.
Full size £19.00 

Now having been one of the few people who know quite a bit about Arbonne I am interesting in trying this product out. Arbonne are all about Pure Products so they contain nothing but natural ingredients and are one of the few companies who are Swiss Approved!

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash
This cleansing wash is a special blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanses the skin and fights bacteria for a deep, invigorating clean
Full size £8.80

This couldn't of come at a better time... MASSIVE BREAK OUT! Will give this a good try tonight =)

Illamasqua - Freak Eau De Parfum
Celebrate the night and Freak, the dangerously exotic first fragrance from cult British beauty brand, Illamasqua
Full Size £59.00

I had a quick spray of it and it had quite a strong smell to it at first however after a few more whiffs it settles quite nicely and is quite a fresh smell!

Nail Rock - Designer Nail Wraps
The new NAIL ROCK designer nail wraps range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on toes. They wont chip or stain the nail, require no drying time and deliver on trend style in just 15 minutes
Full Size £6.65

Now I have always wanted to try out nail wraps its just my nails always break so I always think there isn't a point as they look like little stubby nails. However my nails have grown HALLELUJAH.
Will give them my best shot =) Looking the stripes too.  

Philip Kinsley - Elasticizer
Intensive, super-moisturizing pre shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine
Full Size £52.10

HOW AMAZING DOES THAT SOUND! Normally with hair products its always a fabulous condition, so i'm very excited to try out a 'pre shampoo treatment'. One down side.... THE PRICE =0 

Overall - The box is a good box, however I already know of 3 out of 5 products. Plus, the past Glossy Boxes there has been perfume added so would of liked to see maybe more make-up products in there?

What do you think of the products?


  1. You have one of the best boxes iv seen this month! I have not opened mine yet as it gets delivered to my mothers house, i do hope i get the box you have! Id love that hair product over the hand cream some people are getting and also not to keen on getting the bath salts this month xox

  2. I agree everybody should be sent the same products, however you along with all the other bloggers do seem to have received the 'better' box.

    I personally feel a bit jipped along with many other subscribers because many well known bloggers are now receiving their free of charge (even bloggers who have expressed their dislike for glossybox in the past!), early than everybody else AND generally get the 'better' contents.
    I'm all for receiving free samples from companies now and agian but to receive every future box free of charge seems a little much and very unfair for subscribers who have paid for every box from the beginning.

    Having said all that, i will use all the products in this months box bar the nail wraps (awful!!). (You seemed to have received the wrong packaging for the nail wraps?!)


  3. I thought this months was a bit hit & miss, August's box has nail wraps in it so that was a repeat, and I also didnt like that I received dead sea spa salts again after already having them in my september box (even though I love them I thought the point of Glossybox was to try new things) I don't think it's their best box unfortunately - hoping next months xmas box is better! :) x

  4. @Tinkerbelldani - Sorry if I ruined your box haha! I liked the box however repeat stuff inside isnt very good as the whole point is to see new products!! xx

  5. @Charlorre Amber I totally agree with everything you have said. I don't class myself at all as a bigger blogger however like I said this box was purely from attending the previous event. I just feel however some people would be pretty pissed if a 'bigger' named blogger received the better box. I just feel Glossy Box are targeting names to push the box where as they should be aiming the box at everyone for an all round opinion.

    I also noticed many bloggers have different wrap packaging to what the actual nice wrap are which I found very misleading?

  6. @Jess - Agreed! Repeat products are a big no no! I want to find something new and amazing and then to buy it in a bigger size!! Predominantly what these boxes are about!!

    However would Like to see part 2!


  7. Your box definitely looks a lot better than some others that ive seen this month! the nail wraps are very pretty!


  8. you box looks better than mines i got bath salts. nail wraps, hand cream, perfum sample and moisturiser.

    I am a bit niffed some peoples are different


  9. I was very disappointed with my box this month and I repeatedly find that people get much better boxes than me. Think it's time to cancel my subscriptions, especially as lots of people are getting them free and you'd think they'd value their subscribers. You had a much better one than mine xx

  10. Looks like u got a lot of products and great deal u got it for free! I really like your blog, and I am now a follower!

  11. cool, hopefully i'm getting the Glossybox soon. I'd really love to subscribe and get so many amazing products like these!

    I've wanted nail wraps for a while. could you do a review on them when/if you wear them? x

  12. I loved what I got in my GlossyBox this month and can't wait to try out the nail wraps :) Xx

  13. Interesting post chick :)

    I gave you a blog award http://justtiffeny.blogspot.com/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award.html


  14. I know what you mean about feeling let down about some of the products you received... I unsubscribed from Glossybox after this box for that reason :( I would have loved to try the elasticizer, but I got a face moisturiser instead, which I don't need :/

    Frances x
    Twitter: Francesss__