17 November 2011

Lauren's Way Giveaway Winner...

Massive thank you to EVERYONE who entered!
I loved reading the comments as I am a lover of TOWIE so was funny to relive your favourite moments!

I have picked one winner myself and the winner is..........



Congratulations hunny! I absolutely adore MARG and cried my eyes out at work when Mark told Arg he had to go away for a while pahaha (pathetic really)

Can you drop me an email with all your details for me to send it to you asap please!!
( I will tweet you too!)
And once again massive thanks to everyone who entered =)

Remember..... KEEP IT REEM PEOPLE 


  1. Thanks so much Natalie! I love Marg! I think the tears were actually genuine, they're so cute! xxx

  2. Ahhh I cried when Mark told Arg he was going too so you're not alone there!! I felt like a marriage had ended or something!! LOL xx

  3. Congrats to Grace :)