10 November 2011

Lauren's Way Launch Party - Picture Heavy!

Hey Lovelies,

So last night I attended the Lauren's Way Launch party in Jewel bar in Piccadilly (such a lovely venue)
I met up with some absolutely amazing girls. Charli, Stacey Emma.
Also Laura was there and my sister and her work mate Liz come along for some fun =)

So we started off by looking like we were gate crashing the joint as we actually went round the back entrance.... whoopsie! =/ We then proceeded to walk to the front and have our pictures taken in front of the Laurens Way sign and then meet the stunning lady herself! And let me tell you, Lauren is very down to earth and she is tiny!!!

We headed for the bar, this is after looking at all the products, lashes, Hair extensions and her new tanning line =) only to find out its FREE... happy days haha.

New Tanning Range

Hair Extensions
Wanted to talk to Lauren some more about her products however she was swamped with people wanting pictures etc however a lovely man called Nev (the PR) for the new Glam Tan sat down and entertained us for some time with talk about her new products and where she is going etc. It was very interesting and he was a lovely man too....smelt amazing... perving slightly lol.

Wearing his Glam Tan! 
We also did a bit of celeb spotting - Nicola T and Tony from East 17 loves it!!

E 17! PAHAH! 

I actually love this picture of emma!! EXCITED FAN! HAHA

Anywho.... we were all given goodie bags and im excited to show you the products,,,,

Gorgeous rope like bracelet from Butterfly Jewellery, Lauren's Way Lashes, Instant Wash off Glow and Self Tanning Bronzing Mousse

I also... have one to giveaway... YAY!!! =)
All you have to do is
1) Be a follower of my blog =)
2) Leave me a comment stating - Your Favourite Towie Moment!

It will run for 1 week so will blog a winner from your comments on the 17th November.

Here are a few pictures of us from the night.

Last 3 standing.... IN THE WHOLE BAR!

Massive thank you to the girls at Lauren's Way for throwing a brilliant launch party!
Tweet them @Laurens_Way
Remember.... DON'T BE JEL.... BE REEM! =)
Good Luck all
Love Natalie xxx


  1. Oh my god u met Lauren! wow! Looks like you had a fab night girlies :) fave TOWIE moment was when Lauren pushed Mark in the pool ha! ;) xxx

  2. This is fab!
    My favourite TOWIE moment has to be either:
    When Lauren pushed Mark in the pool

    When Lucy admitted to Mario that she went back to Marks house 'that night'

    That awkward moment when Gemma thought Mick was going to kiss her!!! (poor girl)


    When Arg bought Lydia a 'micro pig'

    Ahhh there are too many! Haha. xxx

  3. Fab pics, looks like you all had a great time and I actually LOVE Laurens Way tan, by far the best tan ive ever used.

    My fav TOWIE moment... thats hard!!! Would have to be Arg trying on Joeys tiny little red shorts haha x x

  4. Great post hun! It was such a laugh, we should defo all go out one night. Sorry if I was drunk and loud, a few vodkas and my mouth don't stop! haha xxxx

  5. Looking lovely, ladies! Look forward to hearing how you get on with the products.

  6. wow looks like you had a fab night! My fave TOWIE moment has got to be when lauren pushed mark in the pool ... who dosent love a bit of drama ;) x


  7. lovely to meet you hun! Wish we could have talked more!! xxxxxxx

  8. My fave TOWIE moment was probably last night seeing Arg in orange uggs and tight shorts! I was in hysterics!

    Either that or when Lauren pushed Mark in the pool..... classic Towie! xx

    Good luck people x

  9. I'm so jealous of you! I desperately want to meet Lauren!

    I couldn't possibly pick one favourite moment! I loved the glamping trip, the whole of the MARG bromance (they're so cute) or the Essex Christmas party!


  10. Lauren looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Favorite moment would have to be when Arg does his man boob dance :P

  11. Ooo i love the new packaging, is the tan itself the same as it used to be?! if so i LOVE it!!

    Fave TOWIE moment was ARG trying on Joeys shorts, i laughed so much!!

  12. Lauren looks lovely there and much smaller than I thought she would be - she looks mega tall on TV!

    Favourite TOWIE moment? SO hard to pick. I probably have to go with everyone else and say when Lauren pushed Mark into the pool - I didn't see that coming and neither did he!


  13. Great giveaway I love TOWIE.
    My fave moment has to be either nanny pat dressed as a pumpkin or harry dressed as lady gaga, although any moment with gemma makes me laugh usually

  14. It looks like a really great night and you got some amazing goodies! everyone seems to have fancied Nev haha! I'd love to be entered :) I follow as Rhi and fav towie moment? That is sooo hard!!

    Probably when Joey took Sam on their first date and took her to the dump :) hilarious! xxx

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    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  15. looks like you had a great time! my favourite towie moment by far is when Lauren pushed Mark into the pool at his pool party, go girl!

    Would love to be entered, I follow as l.prunty, my email address is lauraprunty@hotmail.com

    thankyou! :) x

  16. Looks great, i adore the bracelet you got in the goody bag!

    Favourite moment was joey and sam's first date! so funny.


  17. This event looks amazing I'm such a big fan of Lauren she is so beautiful! Looks like you had a really fab evening I wish I could have gone.

    My favourite TOWIE moment was when Arg was having the colonic irrigation procedure done and Mark was with him, the faces Arg pulled when he was having it done was hilarious and when he went to the toilet after he had had it done and all you heard was this loud noise and Mark bursts out laughing but in shock at the same time! Sooo funny.

    Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to enter this fab give away.



  18. It looks amazing Natalie...bet you had a great time..soo jel lol!

    urmmmm I can't choose, I wanted to be original but nothing can beat when lauren pushed mark in the pool! or when amy asks who it was who wrote the dictionary lol


  19. I follow your blog! The best moment would be lauren pushing mark into the pool! Epic!

  20. OMG I'm well jel that you got to go, I'm a hugeeee towie fan! :) The picture of you & lauren is reem <3 It would make my year if I won the goodie bag, so I'm definately entering! I follow your blog & My favourite towie moment was ... god this so hard ... Chloe's wedding themed birthday party where mark, lauren & sam had a THAT row! It's good to clear the air, I think it was well over due & I do love a bit of drama! xoxo


  21. Mine would deffo have to be the pool party at the end of the last series, with Lauren turning up at the party- after Mark said she couldn't, and then pushing in the pool in front of everyone!

  22. I wish I could go to things like this, I love TOWIE!! & the products look amaze!
    Anyway I followed your a blog a while ago :-)
    & my fav TOWIE moment was when Gemma thought Mick was going to bring her champagne (I love Gemma!!) & when Gemma was teaching Harry to drive haha! Or when Joey comes out with the funniest things with Chloe.. I love TOWIE!! X x

  23. oh my goodness! i'm so jel you got to meet Lauren! I love her so much! My fave TOWIE moment has gotta be when Joey & Arg tried setting eachothers bottom burps on fire, disgusting but hilarious! also, when Lauren pushed Mark in the pool, a given fave for everyone :') OH & Mr Darcy the pig :)

  24. This looks like an amazing event, so jel!
    Lauren looks amazing!
    I was going to say my favourite moment was Lauren pushing Mark in the pool but that has been said loads, so mine goes to last nights episode where Joey & Arg were trying to light their farts! Hilarious! I actually love Joey!
    Thanks for this giveaway :)



  25. OMG.......WELL FRIKKIN JEL looool. look like you had so much fun! ahhhh love lauren, she looks lovely, as do you honey x x x x

  26. Those goodies look AMAZING! i want them!
    Fave Towie moment this series has got to be the Arg/Joey fart-lighting incident from the other night. Pure class (in a disgusting kinda way).
    So jealous, looks like you all had a fab time and can't believe you got to chat to Lauren.

  27. I have a few fave moments Hun lol love TOWIE! When Lauren pushed Mark in the pool was a classic moment, it was like 'go girl'! Also love when Joey was talking to Chloe when he was using a hair dryer on his hair and he thought that was different to getting a blow dry lol he is hilarious! His look reem, smell reem, be reem, totally reem moments make me laugh! He is a wicked addition to the show!

    Much Love,
    Gem XxOo

  28. Looks an amazing event! My favourite TOWIE moment was when Joey and Arg were trying to light farts! Arg's laugh is hilarious!! :D x

    Following you on GFC as Jessica Beautician

  29. Aww you looked soo lovely!! :)

    My fave moment has got to be when Gemma thought Mick was going to kiss her. Was soo awkward but shes such a sweetie, bless her.

  30. You looked great:-)
    And hmm fave moment? Got to be a Joey Essex! The famous chat up line 'What's your favourite animal?' Was class or when he thought there was a difference between blow drying and hair drying, actually no no no the REEM UGG boots were a winner for me haha! Love TOWIE,xxx

  31. My favourite moment was when amy, sam, gemma and joey went camping, they had no idea what they were letting themselves into, it had me in stitches!!!

  32. Great photos looks like you had a fab time :) I've heard really good things about LaurensWay tan but havent tried it yet will have to add it to my Christmas list haha Xx