01 August 2011

HD Brows - 2 Weeks Later

Hi everyone!
Thought this might be good for some of you who are interested in getting HD brows done. Here is a link to my previous post... go have a quick read HD Brows

This is just a catch up really to show you how they look 2 weeks later!

Just to note, when I had them done, Lauren dyed the brows. My brows in the picture below have pencil in. The dye only lasts for up to a week, if you do not excessively scrub your face (taking the colour with it!) 

As you can see the shape has change slightly but for 2 weeks, no pucking waxing etc I think they have kept their shape quite well. There are a few stray hairs that just need to be taken care off however overall I'm really chuffed with how they are after 2 week.

Any of you had them done yet?


  1. They look really great! I really wanna get these done! We have something called Dynamic Brows here, I think it's similar. But it doesn't look as good as HD brows.

  2. These are such a nice shape! I like threading still, it only costs £5 and lasts me about a month or so with a few tweezes between sessions!