11 August 2011

Only went and did it her way!!

I watched, listened and learnt how to do it Lauren's Way.
Now in previous posts, I had told you all how sceptical I was about using a 'celebrity endorsed' product. I normally tend to stay well away from these as I just think its just a phase and will never kick off.... well how wrong was I?!?!


We were given a bottle each to try from reallyree.
I am now a FAN of this TAN << see what I did there? haha geek....

Here are my results from last nights tan, from it being applied, and then the finished result in the morning. Just to say that I was using the mousse rather than the lotion.

Step 1 - Take Lauren's Tan

Step 2 - Take bare legs, buffed, shaved and moisturised in the prone dry areas.

Step 3 - Take a mit and pump the tan onto it ready to go

Yes.... it looks like doggie doo!

Step 4 - Apply onto the legs (normally in circular motions however for picture I done a strip)

Here is my before and after ( Left leg being the one with Lauren's Way)

My results in the morning after a shower to wash the colour guide off

The tan overall was fabulous. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. It was a perfect application, not marks at all or smears anywhere. It dries so very quickly so after about 10 minutes or so you can get dressed again and it doesn't smell on application. However, in the morning before washing it off, it does have the DIGESTIVE biscuit smell that most tans have, but that does fade =)

It has left me with a lovely glowing tan, not ORANGE and I would definitely purchase this again.

You can purchase your bottle here at http://www.laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/

Have you wanted to try this tan? How have you got on with the product? Let me know!

Love Natalie xx


  1. Amazing results, and yeah it does look like doggie do! ;p I'm buying this when my Xen-Tan runs out, heard so many good things. Thanks hun xx

  2. Wow you can really see the diffrnce! And how long does it last would you say?

  3. I cant wait for mine to arrive - I have order the it with both the mousse and lotion is as I couldnt decide lol.
    Looks a good colour

  4. Need to get my mitts on this tan, heard so many good things about it xo

  5. I really hate Lauren and think shes a horrible colour so I laughed when I heard she was bringing out a tan... I've not tried it yet but I've been reading the reviews and not heard ONE bad thing about it! Looks lush so MAY have to eat my words too and give this a go! xx

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  6. I've bought this and cannot wait to try it! x

  7. im desperate to try this now! :)

  8. I love it! Reviewed it and seriously couldn't explain just how much I love it! I hated mousse before but this totally changed my mind! Great review, Mel xxx

  9. That looks really nice :)
    I always get freaked out about trying faketan I'm so pale I'm scared I will go orange :s