24 August 2011

ELF Hit and Miss Products

Hey guys,

Hope your all good. I uploaded a new video yesterday for people who are wanting to buy ELF products but are unsure what they are like an also the products that I think you should avoid.
This is just my opinion you might like them but I just don't get on with them! =)

And if you really fancy a laugh... watch the last 10 seconds of the video on the cage (right hand side) Guinea Pig stunts! Nicely pointed out to me by Lisa - her blog is here >> http://www.gorgeous-me.net/

What do you guys think of ELF?


  1. Your video came at a great time; cause I really want to order some, but wasn't to sure on what products xxx Thank you babe xxx


  2. Really good video thank you! Always a bit overwhelmed when I go shopping on the ELF website so I like to know what other people enjoy/don't enjoy! :) x

  3. Great video :)
    You need to try the Studio flat top powder brush for foundation too, it's fantastic.
    That bronzer is horrible! Maybe it'd make a better eyeshadow?

  4. great video im an e.l.f-a-holic lol i have quite a few reviews on e.l.f product pop by when you have time to take a look :)


  5. I agree, some of it's great for the money and some of it is terrible but I guess with it being so cheap we can all afford to go for a bit of trial and error! I love that mat lip colour, that's in my basket ready for my next order


  6. great post/video!
    i agree totally.


  7. Loved your video
    I'd heard of Elf before but never thought of taking a look, definitely going to take a look now!

    Haha I loved your sentence on the eyelashes!
    "To put it nicely...there crap!"


  8. I ♥ your voice!:'D Thanks for this video, I think it's what a lot of us have been needing!xoxo