09 September 2011

Vogue Fashion Night Out

Whilst I was away I saw Hannah tweet about this Fashion Night Out event that happened last night (Thursday 8th Sep) and it sounded like so much fun.


I was fighting myself about an early night to catch up on sleep but instead decided it's one night and it just has to be done!

We started in Selfridges, drooling over the lush bags everywhere that I couldn't afford even if I offer my left arm =( sad times.
We headed on over to Bare Minerals who offered us both a cocktail and a cupcake and then a free make over... good start to the night. The only down side is that she used an eye-shadow product called Santorini and it was BEAUTY - a golden brown tone that shimmers and looks lush on.... did they sell it as a single... NO. Only in a £48 set. That annoys me, don't show me a product that is £14 that is only in a £48 set. GRRR

Any who, Hannah's make-up looked lush, me on the other hand.... not so much. Ended up taking it off as I just don't do blue liner thanks =/

We swiftly moved onto River Island where we picked up these glittery wrist bands to enter a prize draw.... we raced upstairs only to be told me didn't win SAD FACE =(
We cheekily went down stairs, stalked the people with the bands..... and managed to blag a winners band each (naughty I know) but still so fun haha. Hannah won this beauty Bee Ring was huge and sooo pretty... I won a £10.00 voucher SWEEEEET!

After bagging those we moved onto the 'bar'. Rose Beer, yep you heard me =/ was um nice. This swiftly was downed as we headed into the photo booth to produce these winning pictures! haha

So after feeling a little tipsy we headed into Pull and Bear where we decided to take part in this cycling event. The fasted peddler won the bike... well I was wear UGG boots and they were not going to fit in any bike peddle, bare foot.. spikey peddles... you do the math =(

We ran off laughing, and sweating like a bitach..... off to stand in a queue outside Mulberry for 30mins....

Did get a peak of Tanya Burr and her Beau whilst I was waiting outside. She looks lush as ever. We made our way in, entered the prize draw to win a bag.... which we didn't =( however the power hungry head bird who was a PR there shoved us both ' MOVE OUT THE WAY WINNER COMING THROUGH' REALLLLY???

After that knob we decided lets get a picture and call it a day.

It was safe to say we had a very random but fun night and i'm glad that Hannah tweeted about it because there didn't seem to be much publicity about it?!

Was a fun night packed full of some random moment. Did anyone else go?



  1. love it so cool love your blog amazing :)






  2. awww I wish things like this happen near me :)
    You look like you had so much fun Xx

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