15 September 2011

First Ever GlossyBox!! Different Products?!

Hey everyone,

So I was contacted by the GlossyBox team who offered to send me the Serptember GlossyBox for free to see if I liked it. I have never signed up before as I really just wasn't that interested to be honest!
I like the concept of it all however, I just never signed up.
Being interested in what it was really like I said yes... and here is what I received today =)

I was really upset to find that the HD Brow kit has smahsed and went everywhere in the box. It seems that I wasn't the only person this happened too reading the recent tweets about it.

I have contacted GlossyBox for a replacement so we shall see what happens!!

Anyone else have any problems? Are they worth subscribing too?


  1. I unsubscribed late last month as I couldnt justify the money on products I could end up really disliking. I am jealous of the hd brow set, hope they send a replacement, but I'm trying out one or two other similar companies :) x

  2. Mine is on its way I really hope the HD brows isnt smashed :(


  3. We got the same box!! I am so happy with it! Shame about the brow set but I'm glad they're sending another!

  4. I got different items to you & im a bit gutted, i think the box you got is much better than mine! I also really think they should't put the tiny perfume samples in as you can usually get these free anyway!! Think I will give them one more month & if im not happy next month i will unsubsribe xx

  5. Oh no poor HD brows and poor you! :(
    I got my first glossy box today
    I got the HD brows too and the plum :)
    I loved unwrapping the box it felt like Christmas :)