19 September 2011

Toni & Guy - Hair Meets Wardrobe *PIC HEAVY*

On Thursday I attended the Hair Meets Wardrobe event for Toni & Guy to show case their amazing new products.

On entering, ( feeling like a right celeb haha) me and my sister were offered Pimms galore! We then shuffled inside to mingle and basically chat the night away really.

Inside I spotted these lovely ladies!!

Alex, Jess, Charli and Katie

I was amazed when they said that Naomi Campbell was going to open the event (STAR STRUCK MUCH!)

The new product range consisted of 4 new concepts - Casual, Glamour, Creative and Classic. They show cased the new products with Slick back pony tails, back-combed doo's and very high almost Nicki Minaj stylee beehives!

Done a touch of celeb spotting ( as you do ) Found Lydia Bright from TOWIE who was actually supposed to sit in front of us but she walked past her seat.... and then Laura Whitmore from MTV sat there with a friend instead lol.

We all received a goodie bag on our seats which had a products from each concept.

Then cheekily there were products all over the place can only assume they wanted people to take them seeing as everyone was.... so me and Nicola raided the shelves haha.
Managed to come home with this lot.

And here is some cat-walking in action!!


Was an amazing night, never been to anything like it and we both really enjoyed it =)


  1. sounds like such a lovely and exciting time!!!

  2. Yay for freebies!
    Lucky lady.


  3. Oh you lucky lucky women! I'd love to go to something like that, man I hate work lol. You stocked up on goodies didn't you haha! xx