23 May 2011

Review: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush

Recently browsing in boots on my lunch break and these two beauties caught my eye...
I have never used a cream blush before so thought that it's about time that I give them ago.

They were £6.49 each, which I originally thought was quite expensive but then the packaging itself is good as well as the amount of product that your getting. You get 7.5g of product in each pot.

Each blush is contained in a small glass jar with a matching lid for colour. However, what I did find strange is that no where on the product did it say the shades? I found out the shade names from the receipt?!?! Very strange for a product not to contain the shade name....

Anywho.. I purchased Peach and Berry and I have to say im really impressed. I always thought that a cream blush would be harder to control on the face or it would stain the cheeks but I shouldnt worry.

It glides on and rubs in so easily and leaves these stunning shades behind. I am particularly in love with the Peach as I think this on a tanned based will look A-M-A-ZING!

What they say:

Soft, Natural Colour. This amazingly soft cream blush blends into skin to brighten your complexion adding a kiss of colour to cheeks, giving you a naturally flushed look. Cheeks have a soft hue of natural colour that lasts all day long!
Our cream blush is a perfect blend of pure pigments and cream for a blush that melts into skin & blends effortlessly to create a soft-natural flush of colour that stays true all day.

How to Use

Apply to cheeks and blend in to achieve desired look.

Here are a few swatches for you on the back of my hand so that you can see the true colours.
Heavily swatched for colour purposes 
Blended in
 The product is beauty and I would recommend it to anyone! 
Have any of you used it before? Any pros / cons found? Let me know! 


  1. I look at these for ages when i'm in the shops, I think I need to just buy them. I've never had a cream or mousse blush before so i've just stayed away from them. It's time to try them! I've also been wanting the max factor cream blush but again stayed clear. x

  2. Wow these are really pretty! They look amazing quality for drugstore brand! I'm going to give these a try, thanks for sharing!x


  3. These are so great! And I'm totally with you, I was so confused about the names. These are such great products and I would definitely repurchase if not for the fact that Maybelline tests on animals.

  4. Oh I'm loving the look of these! I've just started using cream blush as was always scared of it too - read on someone's blog about applying with a brush, which I'd never considered - can't believe how easy it is now!

    Agree that peach would be gorge with a tan!

  5. They look fab, think I really want the peach one too, esp for over Summer :) Liking Strawberry Blonde's tip above re applying with brush! xxx

  6. Hey, they look really good! How are you applying them? That's the only thing that's preventing me from using a cream brush! xxx

  7. i went to swatch these today and i was impressed never used a cream blush but the colours were lovely i liked the pink one better and the colour payoff is good so i dont mind buying it,i cant resist a nice blusher :) x

  8. I love ELF. Check out my make up collection pls...