26 May 2011

Eyes Lips Face Haul and Swatches *Picture Heavy*

Hello Lovelies!

It's been a while since i've placed an order at ELF so I went all out and ordered.... LOADS!! =)

So lets start with the brushes! I've never ordered an ELF brush before so this will be a test, and to be honest, I'm yet to give them a good workout so no review just a pictures!

From left to right:

  • Studio Stipple brush £3.50
  • Angled Contour brush £3.50
  • Eyeliner brush £1.50
  • Cuticle Pushers £1.50
  • Blush brush £3.50

Lipsticks from left to right:

  • Posh - deep cool berry mauve creme £1.50
  • Gypsy - cool pink sheer £1.50

Blushers from left to right:
All be it, they are tiny for blushes, the colour pay off it lovely!!

  • Natural Radiance Blusher Glow £1.50
  • Natural Radiance Blusher Coy £1.50

Nail varnishes from left to right:

  • *NEW* Mango Madness £1.50
  • Fire coral £1.50
  • *NEW* Smokey Brown £1.50
  • Champagne £1.50

Amazing colours!!

These are the new ELF conditioning lip balms. These were actually sent to me for free for review and im sooo impressed. The consistency is just like Vaseline, it glides on, makes my lips feel really moisturized!
They are currently priced at £3.50 each and i opted for a colour and a neutral.

Melow Melon

Nice and Natural
Last up is a black cream eyeliner
£3.50 including a brush

Again, pleasantly surprised with this product. It literally just glided onto the skin. No tugging from the product. Felt very creamy and even when trying to remove the swatch the staying power was amazing! can't wait to try this out on my winged liner!!

All this, plus a pencil sharper (haha) for £32.00 and the shipping was free as it was over £30.00!

I'd say I made some good choices. Go over to their site and check them out:


What have you bought and loved from elf?



  1. Great haul, loving those nail polishes and the lip balms, the pink is so pretty! x


  2. i have the eyeliner brush and i absolutely love it!xx

  3. I love ELF! I have the flat top powder brush from there studio range think it cost £6.50 but I love it! I love the lip balms and nail colours you got. Perfick for your holiday bubs xx

  4. i think their brushes are fab i buy 2 or 3 of the same one just to add to my collection. they are super soft and great quality for the price

    cant wait to try the nail polish


  5. lovely stuff:)

  6. Love your blog! Keep up the good work girl! X