30 May 2011

Holiday Time... Tick Tock

Evening lovelies!

As you guys know... I'm off to Florida in the morning and couldn't be any more excited if I tried =D... I honestly feel like I did when I was a kid. You know thew whole thing of not being able to sleep, that's going to be me in a few hours!

I plan on having a BIG shop up over there any wanted to know what I simply have to get from across the pond. I plan on raiding MAC like a child in a candy store, but what are your MUST have products from MAC? I need inspiration as well as stuff for my kit... boooo!

Which brings me to the excitement of receiving Samantha Chapmans make-up brushes Real Techniques in the post. First impressions... A-M-A-Z-ING quality.

They are silky soft, nothing I felt before and to be honest packaging was lovely too. I can't wait to to put them to the test when I get back but here is a sneaky picture of what I got =)

Holiday nails are all done. Now if you watch my youtube you know I bite the crap outta my nails and not intentional it just happens, so my friend has managed to do gel nails for me and make them look all pretty again using Bio Sculpture Gel on them. 

Just a lovely coral, pink, red. She mixed the colour herself from a few left over pots and I love them! They should last me a week and then I have my Kiss stick on nails for the second week.

And last up is the current state of the boyfriends room and for once it's him that is the last to pack hehe.. normally me....

We're all ready to go at 5am for a 11am flight from Gatwick... ouch

And whilst i'm away there are two Guest Blog posts for you guys to keep an eye out for =)

That's all from me, I plan on vlogging, and taking as many pictures as I can whilst out there and I shall update you all once i'm back in 2 weeks time.

Much love hunnies

Natalie xxxxxx 


  1. aww!!! Have a great trip!! Don't forget to stock up on WetnWild and other Target/Walmart goodies! :)

  2. Have a fabulous holiday hun, happy shopping, one of my favourite places in Florida is the Florida Mall, they have a Mac shop, a Sephora and a Macys, don't forget to go to the visitors centre on top floor in Macys and get your visitors discount card, you'll need your passport, but you get an extra 10% discount. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. you lucky girl! Have a fab time x

  4. Have a lovely time, and I love the colour of your nails!

  5. Your nails look gorge, lovely summery coral! Have an amazing holiday :) x

  6. your nails are so pretty:)
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  7. Hope your enjoying the Stay!! And Cant wait so see your holiday snaps When Your back!! BTW Loving the new layout of the Blog!! x

  8. cute nail colour x
    (ps check out my give away if you're interested)