07 February 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

Day 6 of diet chef... and it WORKS!!
I was a little sceptical at first seeing as your eating proper meals but its all calorie and portion controlled so really you can't go wrong... well only if you cheat!!

But after weighing in last Tuesday at 14st 9lbs I am now

14st 6lbs!

I am absolutely over the moon!! I know in your first week of a diet you tend to lose the most but I am soo happy right now =D

According to the virtual weight-in online, it thinks that I will reach my goal in April... which would be lovely, however I know this is going to change when the weigh starts to level out at around 3-4lbs loss on a weekly basis.

I will eventually add some before and during pictures onto this post, hopefully tonight 07-Feb-2011.

So this is just a quick update but keep posted for my weight loss journey

Love Natalie xXx


  1. well done!!! i am so pleased and happy for you!, wish i has your will power!
    :D xxxx

  2. thanks soo much hunny!! this diet is soo easy you cant go wrong!!! xxx

  3. wow, well done!! that's amazing :) x

  4. omg girl you've motivated me more now, i keep think gheeze £190 a month.

  5. Oh Im so happy for you Hunny, I hope you reach your target real soon !! xx