12 February 2011

Weight-loss updated with Photos *CRINGE*

Hey lovelies,

so as you guys know, i've completed a week of dietchef and have lost an incredible 7lbs in total. Thats half a stone!

I know you always lose more in the first week but i'm still soo chuffed! I said in my last post that i would show you guys at my heaviest... and then the most recent picture of me now!!

now i'm being pretty brave here.... I HATE some of these with a passion :(

sooo here we gooooo.
At my largest... hate this picture almost 16stone!!!  May 2010

Turkey May 2010... i look pregnant!

At Global Gathering June 2010... Lost 2 Stone!!

Not sure when.. think August... Gained... ALLOT!

November 2010 Slimmed back down to a large size 16!

Christmas 2010... managed to maintain my weight... until the turkey came out =/

January 2010... i decided dietchef has to happen... was almost 15stone AGAIN!

jan 29th... managed to slim down without any diet to fit into my dress.... which was bought as a size 18.... was too big at that party =) dietchef happened the weeks after

As you can see.... lost it all in my face and my waist is now visible! YIPPEE!! Half stone down.

So as you can see.... i've battled big time with my weight.. enough is enough now. I know how much happier I will be once I reach my goal! And according to my virtual weigh in it will be in April... however I'm thinking more may june time.

I am going to try my very best to keep posting pictures.. full body ones too so that you can really get an insight into my journey...

No harsh comments please... it's taken allot for me to put these up..... just be encouraging

Until next time.

Love Natalie xXx


  1. love love the progess I order dietchef today im gonna document mine too. This is soooo encouraging keep it up hun!!!

  2. wow well done! Ive seen this on QVC a few times, it looks so easy and I suppose it would stop people putting naughty things in their baskets if they have what they need at home. Can't wait to see you progress xxx

  3. Thanks girls!!!
    I'll defo update more with pictures :D


  4. Well done hun! Im doing weight watchers but like the idea of diet chef! keep up the good work and keep us posted!xx

  5. hey sweetchie85.... ill defo use this allot more with more updates!! :) xxxx

    thanks so much for the encouraging words xx

  6. You're so beautiful & have such amazing skin!
    Congrats on the weight loss so far. Hope you reach your goal xx

  7. Hello:-) Great blog. Well done on the weight loss and i think you're very brave for sharing. You look gorgeous whatever your weight to be honest! Keep up the good work - i know i'll enjoy your posts:-)

  8. Oh well done. keep going with it.

    I'm just like you, my diet and weight yo yo's all over the place, but when i really need to, i can get the weight off

    stay determined :)

  9. WOW! YOU.LOOK.A-MAY-ZING! Like really really do! I've just seen your video on youtube about diet chef which inspired me and wow it looks like it just fell off! Do you work out too?! Or do you literally stick to the diet and wake up and it's all gone? I'm planning a summer holiday with my girlfriends who either have bodies like Kelly Brooke or who have massive boobs and are a size 8 and i'm dreading it! Anymore tips to share would be INCREDIBLE! Keep up the good work little lady! xxxx

  10. wow you look so amazing! but you still look beautiful at whatever size you are lovely xx