10 January 2011

Here She Is.......


Well that's my moto anyway : )

So as always every new year I make a pact to myself that this year will be THE YEAR FOR WEIGHT LOSS.. and every year guess what... I EPIC FAIL

Not this time round. I'm soo head strong now that nothing will stop me... x


Name: Natalie

Age: 23 (24 in March)
Height: 5’7
Weight: To be filled in tonight once weighed!
Dress Size: 18
Bra Size: 38GG

Want to get down to the following:

Weight: Between 10 – 11 Stone
Dress Size: 12/14 anything less is a bonus

Bra Size: 34DD

I know im never going to be a size 8 and to be honest I don't want to be.
I’d look soo weird.. haha!

I already got a huge arse and boobs and a belly to match so just to get them all to be in proportion will be a winner for me.

Me on the Right

How I’m Doing It

First of all im starting off by doing the Special K diet. This consists of 2 bowls of Special K a day, weither that be breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner and then one healthy meal and plenty of water.
I must say its going well… and yes.. its massively starting to taste like cardboard now but it works.
I’m doing this until the end of the month when I go back on the Cambridge Diet.

This is a hard diet and quite a ‘quick fix’ if you want to call it that.
You eat a maximum of 480 Calories a day.. along with a 2ltr bottle of water a day.
Now I know your all like.. WHAT THE F*** but it works!! Trust me… I lost 2 stone and then one day fell out of the motivation and ate until well… I look like I am now!!

It is shakes, bars and soups all with the nutrition that you need so i'm not lacking in anything. Its just allot less calories.

So this is my journey…. If you wanna follow me and support me then please leave nice comments etc… if you wanna hate.. BORE OFF MY PAGE. I got no time for people like you!

So... for the next update you can expect some Pictures of me now.... and hopefully come February once I start Cambridge some weekly shots to see the difference

Until then.... Good luck to everyone else who is on a diet x

Love Natalie xXx


  1. aww you look great : )
    i wanna lose weight tooo
    us bloggers should have a little contest
    or challenge haha
    for motivation

  2. haha im up for that!! :)
    motivation is the key to success so im happy to do anything xx

  3. Thanks Winny <3 totally has to be done this year!! xxxxx