15 December 2010

Do it like a dude - Jessie J Inspired makeup

I am totally obsessed with this make up that the very talented Jessie J has in her song ' Do it like a dude'

amazing lips.. using black and white with little gems and spikes! Amazing!!
Heavy bottom lashes and thick eye limer
I had to try my hand at it and to be honest.... it was hard! lol I didn't have any black gems so decided to use some clear crystal ones and some blue for the top lip just to add my own twist on it!!

I just used normal eyelash glue to hold the gems in place and it works quite well.... WINNER!!

I used some Eyelur lashes and turned them upside down to do my long bottom lashes and then used spikey ones from ebay for the top :)

Check out my version of the look here....

Hope you enjoy it everyone

Love Natalie xXx


  1. this look is great so funky and i love it keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you so much keke..... im trying to get there! lol xx

  3. Hey love the look! Glad to have a fellow makeup obsessor! Check out my blog too!


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog :D