06 December 2010

Aussie Hair Care Bloggers Christmas Market

On Saturday 4th December my sister and I went to the Aussie Bloggers Xmas Market in Holloway, London.

Nicola and Me <3
Mt first ever event and it was so lovely!
Honestly, like a girls sleep over. There was hair, makeup, cakes, photobooths, food, mulled wine, music.. everything was just so lovely!

One of the girls, Rachel from Pretty Cherished advertised a few spaces on her FB page and I had to bag a place and im really glad that I did.
Lovely Rachel
Lovely Nicola

Their amazing jewellery Pretty Cherished

I got my hair done by one of the Aussie Angels - mine was for people who dye their hair ( seeing as mine is red!) And she done this amazing look of 3 small fishtail plaits on one side of my head, back combed the top and then swept it all round to this gorgeous look on one side!

me and two of the aussie angels!
Would love it recreate it again!
Had such a lovely day and really want to go to another one.

We left with little goodie bags with Aussie Hair Care Shampoo

The Green and Orange one
And some vouchers for jewellery, some chocolates and a chocolate for your Christmas tree!!

Met some lovely people too...... I wanna do it again!!

Love Natalie xXx


  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, I love that style. It looks like you had an amazing time. :)


  2. I saw you getting your hair done on Saturday and immediately wanted it done by the same girl, it was amazing! She didnt have time to fit me in :( dont suppose you have her details? x

  3. Hey girls!! Thanks for your comments :) I sooo didnt want to take it out at all and I am totally gutted that I don't have her details :(

    I would of loved for her to recreate it all over again!!.... im making it my mission to find her details though.. so stay tunned!! xxx

  4. I love your hair!!! the colour is stunning. Didn't get the chance to talk to you at this event but hopefully at the next one.x

  5. Ahh thanks Dena! I know.. I was proper shy! This was my first ever event and because my blog is sooo new I kinda felt like I shouldnt of been there haha!

    But thank you for your lovely comment xx

  6. Love the up do you have in the pic above, looks really intricate! x

  7. I have her details! She's based in Surrey... where are you? x

  8. really alice!!?? im in London... I dont mind travelling!!! x