10 November 2010

Pretty Cherished Jewellery

So, these two lovely ladies Nicola and Rachel are making their own jewellery and its called Pretty Cherished and I have to be honest....
I placed my order via their Blog site and received it within 2-3 days and was very excited when I got my parcel at work =)

Loved the girly touch of the pink 'Handle with Love'

They come wrapped in these cute little pink bags and wrapped in pink tissue paper sealed with these little butterflies!

Love the little tags on each piece! Was a nice touch

White Bow Bracelet

Pink Bow Bracelet

Gold heart and pink flower necklace

Long anchor charm with a rose necklace

Both the necklaces together
I adore these pieces!! They look gorgeous on and the prices are soo reasonable! I really want to buy some more when I get a chance!!

Please check out there blog as they have just released a new line...


I will be doing a video review just so you can see what they look like on!

Love Natalie xXx


  1. Those are soo pretty!!

  2. They look lovely! xx

  3. They are lush!! Going to do a review on it properly on my youtube channel so that people can see what they look like they are LUSH! xx