12 November 2010

Nail Varnish and Lippy

So these are a few new bits that I have and here is a little review on them :)
Little collection of nail varnish and lipsticks xXx

I actually got this free with a magazine but I am loving the colour!! Very christmasy!!!

60 seconds..... MY A*SE!! sorry..... no nails dry that quickly, however... colour is lush and this varnish is sooo thick! Once coat is needed 

A summer colour I KNOW... however I needed a base to show off the Barry M Nail Effect below ; )

Just one coat of this over any colour on your nail and....

This is within the first 2-3 seconds?

Finished Result!! Not allot of people I know actually like this product..... I  DO :) I think its different... makes a wicked design!!!

MUA £1.00 Each Shade Numbers from L-R 3, 13, 9 and 4 

Pretty disappointed with Shade 4! Colour is a Barbie pink.... but goes on like a lipgloss not a lipstick!

Love Natalie xXx


  1. I want the Nail Effect stuff so bad but i'm in Canada and on ebay its so expensive. I think it looks so cool!

  2. aahh man that sucks hunny!! try shopping around for it hun! Cost me £3.50!! xx