27 June 2012

Who is BlushBlendBeauty?

Hey everyone.
So this post is really a post all about ME! 
As you know I hit 100 videos on YouTube and I wanted people who watch my videos to ask me anything they liked.
I think its a good opportunity for people to get to know and understand the real me.
I am all about putting across that im not a fake, or like to put on a show. I just tell it how it is and just be me.

Allot of people put us'Gurus' ( hate that term by the way!!) in the same kind of group! We are all SOOOO different and people need to realise this!

If you want to learn more about why I love make-up so much or what my up bringing was like then have a look below.

I hope you enjoy watching it and getting to know me and look forward to more videos with me.

Much Love

Natalie xxx

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