22 February 2012

What's in a MUA's train case?

Afternoon beauties!

Ever wondered what a Make-up Artist carries around in their train cases for photo shoots and make overs?
I have had a few requests on YouTube and took to twitter to see if anyone wanted a video and the answer was YES!

I put this together last night so apologies if it seems rushed at all however I though it would be a good insight into the types of products I use etc.

As you know the products would vary depending on the specification / location. It just happens that the last shoot I completed with a neutral look =)

Hope you find this interesting, any questions or comments leave below for me!

Mwah xx


  1. I have just graduated from my make up course so this video is v helpful! thankyou! x

  2. Great video huni :)

  3. Great video, that crown blush palette is amazing......i'm sold!! keep up the great blog xx

  4. Where can u train to be a make up artist in your area