25 January 2012

Skin Care & Covering Up Spots!

Hey guys, so you may have seen me tweet recently that my skin is soooo bad this year so far.
I have had this kind of 'mini' break out on my chin area and I decided that something had to be done.

I am not into skin products WHAT SO EVER. I literally wash my face with soap and hardly EVER moisturise!... I KNOW... SOO WRONG! 

So I have now got myself into a little routine of using some spot fighting treatments and below are my results.

I have started using simple spotless skin triple action face wash and moisturiser. 
It promises to have an effect from day 1 and it honestly does.

 Now I apologise for the graphic pictures below of my breakout!! However its the best way to show you the results.
Day 1 of the dreaded breakout


As you can see just from ONE days use I have amazing results.

 If you want to buy this, I bought mine from sainsburys and would highly recommend the product for little blemishes and redness.

I have also uploaded a video of how I cover up my spots/blemishes and here is a photo below.

To check out the video please click the link below also =)

Video on How To: Cover up spots

What's your go to product for getting rid of spots? or covering them up?



  1. The difference in one day is amazing! I swear by the witch stick for my spots! xxx

  2. I've tried the simple spot on roller and found it pretty rubbish to be honest but havent used the range as a system... Your skin isn't bad at all either lovely; mine is really awful, spots galore on my chin x

    1. never one for the roll on stuff, but a face wash I will defo try!! This is a very mild breakout for me, normally it is horrendus! xx

  3. Aww hun poor you, you had great results so quickly with this though. I have to say I'm still slightly in shock that you wash your face with soap! You need to try out some Liz Earle cleanse and polish, it's the nuts! Gem xxx

    1. I am a rubbish girl gem!! I always just use soap! I have always had this theory of using creams and stuff and that it would MAKE me break out rather than stop it... but I finally come to my senses and tried a face wash and im amazed! Will defo give the Liz Earle stuff a go too =) xxx

  4. Did you know spots on your chin are usually hormonal? So they'll appear more at the dreaded time of the month!
    I've always suffered hormonal spots and er, spots for every other reason too! I find not much stuff really helps but I always go back to the classic Witch Stick. So cheap and works so well!


    1. See I thought this but they just keep appearing all the time now! My problem area has always been along my jaw line =( I think I really need to invest in the witch stick! xx

  5. I agree with Charli the Witch stick is amazing for spots and I'm with Gem on the Cleanse and Polish, you won't go back! lol. Will watch the video later honey, good results though from the simple stuff in just one day xxx

  6. I love the Simple Brand, I literally use everything from them..

    Shower gels. face wash, moisturizers, face wipes and even their eye roll-on.

    I agree on the witch stick too, this should get you sorted for the dreaded outbreaks! Happens all the time. I tend to get them around my chin too!

    & also, I find that if i put the moisturiser on overnight, it tends to soothe the area so looks lovely and fresh in the morning instead of looking all red and sore.. :)

    Laura x


  7. Wow that worked really well for you such a great improvement, tempted to give them a try Xx