25 January 2012

Dry Lips? Here is the Solution!

I have been struggling for months and months with sore lips :(
Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you have chapped lips and the healing time is a JOKE... well for me anyway.

I have found a miracle of a cure. 
No fancy packaging or gimmicks just straight to the point.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser 

I purchased mine from Sainsburys and it was £2.50 for a 5g tube

Now for lips i'm normally a Vaseline kind of girl, not normally one for a moisturiser at all.
It glides on nicely, works into the lips and leaves a lovely minty fresh smell ( and taste if you eat some like I did! haha)

I have been testing it out for a week so far and I am soo pleased at the moment how it has cleared up the splits and dryness.

Have you tried it yet? What is your lip therapy?

Natalie xxx


  1. I love blistex, its the only thing that works for me if I have really dry lips! x

  2. Blistex is fantastic - it's a winter lifesaver!

    1. Totally agree!! feels so much better than Vaseline too! xx

  3. I love this stuff! Its just remembering to put it on that's my problem!


    1. omg im exactly the same! I never remember to bring it out with me let alone apply it lol xxx

  4. I swear by this! It's the best lip moisturising product I've ever tried - and I used to be a bit of a lipbalm junkie! If you have a Bodycare near you it's even cheaper, I paid about £1.95 for it in there :)

  5. Might recommend this to my man he always has sore lips, mostly when the weather is bad and he gets really run down Xx