03 October 2011

Review: Bubbi Makeup Brushes (PIC HEAVY)

Look just how cute these brushes are!!!

I'm sure you all would of hear of BubzBeauty from YouTube? She has released her own makeup brushes and just from spotting them on a thumbnail I knew that I had to have them. BOY WAS IT A GOOD CHOICE!

I purchased the Bubbi Brushes set - Basic Set.
This included the following brushes

Retractable brush

Powder Brush

Dual Cover



Dual Eyes

Eye shadow


Angled Liner

All these brushes were £29.99 they were reduced from £36.95.

The quality of these brushes are amazing.

  • They don't shed
  • Bristle quality is so so soft
  • The name on the handles will eventually wear off with use
  • VERY affordable
  • Fast delivery (even for standard a week from Japan)

I used these brushes on a client at the weekend and they worked wonderfully.
Not to mention the look of the brushes are beautiful.

You can order your's from here - http://www.shopbubbi.com/


  1. ooh they all look so sort - especially the powder brush :)

    maddie xx

  2. These look lovely I really like the look of the powder and double e/s brushes especially! What a bargain aswell!! :)) xxx

  3. These look lovely, soooo soft :))xxx

  4. Love the look of these brushes and at a good price too! Mel x

  5. These look lovely!!

    Sarah xx

  6. I was wondering whether or not to get these, but didn't want to spend any more money on brushes that would turn out to be rubbish. Thanks for the review; I think I might actually buy them now.

  7. i think they're from HK .not japan. lolz