26 October 2011

Halloween Tutorial - Dead Alice in Horrorland

Hey guys!

Some of us last year 

I only recently got into Halloween in the past 2 years to be honest! I used to hate it, all these idiots running around chucking eggs at buses and people -__- used to get on my nerves... but then one day me and my friends decided that we should do a pub crawl all dress up guts and all and have some fun instead of moaning! haha..

So now we have made it a pact every year that we all dress up and do the Islington 'HALF PINT CHALLENGE' This involves us starting right at the 'The Famous Cock' in Highbury and trying to complete half a pint in the 20 odd pubs/bars leading up Islington high street! 

Last year I went as a Dead Alice in Horrorland and decided to recreate this look again for YouTube so you guys can see how easy it was to do!!

Check out my video below and let me know what you think.... =)

I'm hoping my next video will be up on Thursday... another scary intro for you all MUUHAHAHA!! This will be this years costume.... very excited! xxx


  1. Loved the video! Your intro seriously freaked me out haha so well done! :)

    Argh that pub crawl sounds deadly lol. I'm not a big drinker, so a huge lightweight. Pretty sure that challenge would ruin me. I'm off to uni in September and pretty much fail on the 'rowdy student' front haha! I'm a 2 or 3 drinks kinda girl ;)

    xxx Kat

  2. A pub crawl with you would be wicked! Can't wait for the next video chick xxx

  3. Love your video and the scary intro :) Xx

  4. I do hope you are a gooner then if that way!!!

    I did love ya Alice tute tho!!

  5. This tutorial was so good Nat! your just getting better and better!!!!! x

  6. LOVING the video and that was a good idea for costumes!