26 April 2011

My Weekend

Wow it's been a crazy long weekend which has been amazing for me.... i mean I love these bank holidays but I've spoilt myself by taking off those 3 days in-between.... which means...



 So here is a few things i've got up to so far =)

1. Shopping and lots of it. Pay day was here and it has been a long while since I have actually bought clothes and not cosmetics. I hit up primark and bought these beauty dresses. All for under £10, how amazing is that. 

2. My mums 50th... her 3rd party I might add.... she parties like the queen. Here are a few from our house party.

Mini group photo

Me and JP

Me, JP, My Sister Nicola and her husband Josh

Jager Time!!

Daddy.... daddy cool

ooooo dear!

Mummy on the jager

3. Recording for youtube. 2 new videos have gone up with all my purchases over the past few days. They can be watched using these links..

Summer Haul 1

Summer Haul 2

4. Changed my hair again.. going for a Kim K locks, well, trying to anyway.


6. Doing the write up for my 4th and final one and then I am DONE.

7. Off to Brighton tomorrow. I've never been there before so i am very excited about this.... any tips of where to go and places that I should definitely go and see let me know.

Hope you have all had a lush long weekend.

Let me know what you all got up too.

Love Natalie xxx


  1. I love that white Primark dress! Have fun in Brighton :) xx

  2. Well done on passing your make up assignment :) well deserved! And very envious of the 11 days off - Brighton will be fab. I need to go again!

  3. I got one of those Primark dresses and the strap ripped off Lol, But it looks nice as a strapless too haha! x
    Love the new hair x

  4. ah i just commented on your youtube vid but you've just popped up on my blog list as well

    I live like 2 towns away from brighton, so its the nearest big shopping place for me.
    Churchill square is like the standard shopping centre but by no means is it a big one. Just your average shops.

    The south laines are great for the more upmarket shops like fcuk, hobbs, east, mac, cath kidston etc etc and have loads of really nice restaurants. Its also right near the pavillion which you should def look at, its beautiful in there.

    The north laines are great for the quirkier more individual shops- where you tend to get a lot of the indie/ vintage shops. \if you do like vintage, there is a massive Beyond Retro down there as well.

    Hope that helps at all, have fun :)

  5. Your hair looks fab. I can't believe you got your mam on the Jaigers - go mam!! xx

  6. your hair is gorgeous! I have that american flag vest aswell,love it! :) xxx

  7. Thanks for following, I was watching your videos earlier on today and was thinking how amazing your skin is. Love the Kimmy K hair tutorial, love doing my hair like that and can't wait to do it again, once I get my hair done.

    Following back..x


  8. looks like youve been having fun x