07 April 2011

How To Look Amazing...

Ok ok... I lied a little in the title ('',)

I went and saw miss grace as it has been a good few months since the IMATS where I actually met her for the first time =)

And basically she's been a bestie since! Amazing what you can do on a the internet...

The lovely grace.... which can by found on youtube with the username uglyfaceofbeauty was tagged by sammie on youtube to do the Look Your 'Best' tag. This is just a fun tag with you basically...... looking your damn worst! 

It was such a laugh and we both enjoyed doing the videos, so I thought i'd share the video with you! Pictures to hopefully follow!

Enjoy looking your 'BEST' =) xxx


  1. such a funny vid, how on earth did you keep a straight face?! x

  2. Hahaha that was so funny, thanks for sharing and being good sports about it :)

  3. My favourite is the massive eyebrows!xx