18 March 2011

How To Fake Curly / Wavy Hair - No Heat!!

Good morning my lovelies!
So last night I managed to edit and post my Last (I mean it this time) video for a while

And it was how to create curly / wavy hair like mine!! =)  

Baring in mind it's normally like this......

All using no heat!!

If you want know how I do it.... watch this video =)


  1. This look is so cute :) I might try it - fed up of straight hair!


  2. it looks fabulous!!
    I will soo have to try this:) Thanks for the tips


  3. I have been so bored of My stragiht hair recently and I really want to stop using heat!! So perfect for me :D

  4. Wow I can't beliebe your hair held the curls so well! I have super straight hair and never thought of using curling products on it... thanks for this video!

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  6. Hey Chick! I love love loooove your hair colour dont suppose you fancy sharing the colour/brand it is?! xxx

  7. @sophia susanna Rose - The red was black cherry by casting creme by L'oreal xxx