07 July 2012

Triaction Sports Bra by Triumph

 Last week I was contact by the wonderful people at Halpern PR with regards to these new sports bras. Now im not sure if you have been following me on twitter @blushblendbeaut you will see that I am going to Zumba on Mondays and Boot Camp sessions on Tuesday. I am always on the look out for new sport bras and ones that actually work well.

I have just always relied on a very old sports bra from nike and it is good however I find that I need to wear a bra underneath to actually have that full support when running or training etc.

With this Triaction bra it is a god send. I kid you not these puppies do not move at all. I was a little sceptical at first because there is no underwire or what feels like a decent support.... I though this until I put it to the test with an hour of full impact zumba!

I was pleasently surprised. It wasnt uncomfortable in the slightest, it was very soft and very very supportive.  I actually couldnt rate this sports bra enough so a HUGE thank you for Halpern PR for contacting me. I absoliutely love this.

They do different ones for different levels of sport however I opted for the extreme.

Looks like I wont be needed this old thing anymore!!! =)

They retail at £40.00 each and come in a range of sizes B-F cups which also impressed me as I am a bigger busted girl I honestly thought it would fit.

Love Natalie xxxx


  1. Oooh I'm in the market for a new sports bra. This one looks like it would keep me supported well whilst out running.

  2. I love Nike,also the Champion.They are so comfortable and great.

  3. I found one very good one from Wacoal in Thailand. Quality is so good that I regret I'd only got one. I should have picked up more.