29 May 2012

Paul & Joe | Shakespear's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection

Hello everyone.
I'm backkkkk.. sorry for disappearing! 

Last week I was invited to the Paul &  Joe event to showcase their new collection Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream and boy.... is it pretty.

I love the way the cosmetics are designed. So much thought has gone into every little detail and it really makes it stand out from other brands.

They have released a number of new products such as:

Shimmering Pressed Powders £22
Shimmering Body Lotion £24 
Face Colour £15
Lip Gloss £15
Nail Enamels £10.50
Limited Edition Self Eye Colout £12.50 each
Blotting Paper Refill £3.50

All of which can be found on their website here

They have also launched some BEAUTIFUL skin care products. They are formulated to protect treat and soothe the skin.
They have the following on sale now:

Light Cleansing Milk £16.50
Treatment Serum £28.00
Moisture Lotion £22.00

Below are some images of a few products I was lucky enough to receive to review:

First up is the green, yep you heard me, green lip gloss! This gloss is called Fairie Kisses (002) it appears translucent on the lips with a light green apple and vanilla scent to refresh your lips. It works with the natural tones of your lips to create your own little gloss!!

This little beauty is one of their Face Colours. The lighter shade can be used as a highlight and the pink as a lovely shade of blusher on the apples of the cheeks. A very light coverage when applied right to give a lovely 'english rose' flush to the face. It comes in 10 different shades. 

Here we have a gorgeously designed Moisture Lotion has the most amazing fresh scent of oranges to it. good enough to eat. It leaves the skin feeling very fresh and firm. It leaves your skin with a lovely glow, whilst it works its magic to hydrate , firm and brighten up the skin.

Lastly, a really cutely designed nail file and some blotting paper. I have personally never bothered with blotting paper but after seeing how fresh it can make your face look after a few little dabs... I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED!! No more sweaty face on the train for moi.

The full range of Paul & Joe | Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream Collection will be available from 1st june from beautybay,com and also in stores such as Harrods and Fenwick.

They also showed us some amazing nail polishes which Charli was luckily enough to get her hands on so keep and eye out for a post from here!!

Mwah much love

Natalie xxx


  1. Such a pretty collection! x

  2. Its soo lovely! I never want to swatch it haha... don't want to mess it up xxx

  3. I wish i had your lips. So pretty having freckles on your lips and them showing through a gorgeous gloss.